“Why Do You Love Photography?” Luminance Contest Winners, Week 5

“Why Do You Love Photography?” Luminance Contest Winners, Week 5

We are another week closer to Luminance 2012, PhotoShelter’s conference happening this September 12-13, and we want to make sure that all in attendance are surrounded by people who love photography.

Luminance speakers are leaders from FacebookGoogleLytroBehance20×200,Christie’sHipstamatic, and many more. If you’re a photographer, technologist, designer, or care about the direction of photography, this event is right up your alley.

So we asked, “Why do you love photography?” and every week we’re picking 3 winners to win two tickets each to the event, plus the #ilovephotography party.  We will be announcing the winners every Thursday on The PhotoShelter Blog.

We combed through all of the entrants up to August 15th, and after rounds of deep thought and careful readings, we have come up with our top three photography-lovers. In no particular order, we’re all set to share them with you now. Here are this week’s winners:

1. Ty Cobb:

At the age of 15, I purchased my first camera (a Pentax ME). Then as a hobby for the next 35 years I’ve enjoyed many aspects of the art of photography. Growing up, my pictures turned more to vacation and family pics. The hobby aspect was pushed to the back burner. I have both an engineering background and a culinary arts background, and that mimics my photography style. I love the technical side of getting the exposure right, getting the lighting right, and going digital a few years ago (went Nikon) I love being able to go back and tweek the final image. The culinary arts side of my brain pushes me to be creatively better. I aspire to really be a better artist. Recently due to a near-death illness (flesh eating bacterial infection of my foot), I have had to essentially end my career as a chef and have turned to photography as not only a mental savior, but potentially as a way of working again. Going back to my old hobby and possibly new career feels like going back home and visiting a good old friend. Although my enjoyment of photography is different than when I was 15, it is more intense than ever.”

2. Paul Ray Crowson:

Photography has changed the way I see the world. Every moment of every day of my life, and yes, even my dreams when I sleep at night, are richer because of it. The skills I’ve developed in looking, really looking, at the world around me and the people and things that comprise it make my life fuller. To make a great photograph, you first have to see the greatness in your subject matter, whether it be the soulfulness in the eyes of a person or creature, or the intricate details of a texture or color variation in a landscape. Once you’ve started looking for these things, you can’t ever stop seeing them. Even when there is no camera around my neck or in my pocket, I see the world around me through the special lens in my mind that focuses on the details and the beauty of every person and thing I see.
I’ll forever be grateful to my father, who bought me my first Nikon EL2 thirty-five years ago, for rocking my world in a way that has brought deeper meaning to every experience I’ve had since then. And it keeps getting better – the more you look and the harder you try to truly see the world around you, the richer all of your experiences become. I love photography because it taught me to see, not just look.

3. Ryan Struck:

What makes me passionate about photography is that I can create and express an idea, moment or happening and present it visually. The joy of creating greatly contributes to my interest in photography and I believe that as a form of expression it cannot be matched. Photography transcends gender, race, age and even language. That is just incredible to me, to break the language barrier and relate to another person without words is an opportunity that we as photographers are privileged to. It is the images we create that can help to drive human understanding and compassion for others. The opportunity to produce a photograph that anyone around the world can relate to is what keeps me driven and in love with photography.

Once again, we would like to thank all of our enthusiastic entrants on their fantastic posts and contributions.  Remember, you still have a chance to enter for next week, this contest is on-going and the rules are still the same.

Enter for your chance to win! We’ll be picking 3 winners every week until the big event.

To enter:  

  1. Share this link on your Facebook page, tweet @photoshelter, or hit the ‘Like’ button on this blog post to help spread the word and let people know you’re excited for the event. Then,
  2. Post your response to “Why do you love photography?” as a comment below in this blog. Be sure to enter your full name and website in the comment fields provided so we can contact you.

Contest Rules:

  1. We ask that contestants share this blog post link on their Facebook page, on Twitter by tweeting @photoshelter, or by hitting the ‘Like’ button on this blog post.
  2. Contestants must submit their response to “Why do you love photography?” as a blog comment on this post.
  3. PhotoShelter will announce the winner every Thursday on PhotoShelter’s Facebook and Twitter page. We’ll also shoot the winners an email to let them know it’s their lucky day.
  4. Contest ends on Thursday, September 6, 2012.

Good luck!

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