Friday Happy Hour: This Photo Was Just a Publicity Stunt & More

Friday Happy Hour: This Photo Was Just a Publicity Stunt & More

Turns out that not everything you’ve been told is true (shocker!) – one of the most iconic images of the last century is now fallen to speculation that it was all just a publicity stunt. We thought that was enough to shake up your Friday (partially kidding), so the rest of our roundup is full of great photo series and exciting launches and events.

This photo was probably just a publicity stunt

Are you surprised that this iconic shot of workers supposedly eating their lunch on a high rising crossbeam above the city might have been a setup?

Copyright Corbis Images

In wake of the image’s 80th anniversary, The Independent is reporting that the photo was an organized photo shoot. Ken Johnston, chief historian and archivist for Corbis Images, which owns the rights to the photo, said: “The image was a publicity effort by the Rockefeller Center. It seems pretty clear they were real workers, but the event was organised with a number of photographers.” (via Canon Watch)

Lytro camera coming to a (online) store near you

It’s time to get serious about Lytro‘s novel light field camera. Next month, you can get your hands on one for $399 on,, and – as well as a few select Target stores. (via TechCrunch)

Photo by Michael Treola

Eric Cheng, Director of Photography at Lytro, spoke at Luminance earlier this month about the future possibilities of light field cameras. While still in its infancy, the push into the consumer market marks the start of something big.

Instagram photographer demands perfection

APhotoEditor posted this video on Monday morning, offering no more commentary than the above title. The notion of an “Instagram photographer” is curious at best, and one who demands perfection? Before you get riled up, check out the video.

We’ve been having our own conversations about the app, including Instagram and the Perpetuation of the “Commonplace Photo” and Instagram Isn’t an App, It’s a Publishing Platform (So Treat It Like One).

Sustainable business models in today’s photo industry

ASMP put together an inspiring and thought-provoking event this week in New York to discuss sustainable business models in today’s photo industry. Allen was invited to speak on one of the panels, discussing current distribution platforms that offer compensation to the creators. “Everyone has figured out how to make money from photos but photographers,” said Eugene Mopsik, Executive Director at ASMP. Allen was joined by panelists Liz Miller-Gershfeld from Energy BBDO and Lauren Wendle from Nielsen Photo Group. “You can’t just shut up and shoot anymore,” said Liz. “You have to know your client base, narrow your specialty, and broaden your services within that niche.”

Photo by Kevin Lock/Lock Photo

Check out these videos from the event to hear more of the panelists’ thoughts and ideas.

The state of the news photo

Last June, photographer Michael Shaw spoke at Photoville in Brooklyn on “The State of the News Photo,” offering a deeper look into its functional role within social media, how photos “persuade” us, and its increasing importance in the editorial world. Now at BagNews, Michael has posted a captivating three post installment discussing exactly what is a news photo these days, and the greater editorial opportunities presented by the news photo. You’ll see some of the most widely circulated news photos of the last few years, and how they have functioned to play such a crucial role in our consumption of daily news. Be sure to check it out over on BagNews.

New site showcases visual narratives from India

Documentary photographer Harsha Vadlamani has been working almost single-handedly to provide a voice for the social and cultural issues of India via visual narratives. Two photographers are featured every month on Galli (Hindi for alley), and past subjects have included the transgender community, internally displaced settlements, and rag-pickers in dump yards.

Photo by Senthil Kumaran

Photo by Vivek Singh

Photo by Vivek Muthuramalingam

Incredible macro shots of dew-covered insects

French photographer David Chambon has an incredible series of macro photographs of dew-covered dragonflies and other insects. The level of detail is phenomenal, making the bugs look like they’ve been bejeweled. (via Colossal)

Photo by David Chambon

Photo by David Chambon

Photo by David Chambon

PhotoShelter’s Allen and Grover out west this weekend

If you’re in Seattle, WA or Austin, TX this weekend be on the lookout for Allen and Grover! Allen is participating in APA’s Photo Assistant Basic Training, an ongoing course in various cities throughout the U.S. that’s providing aspiring and existing photography assistants with panel discussions, equipment demonstrations from industry experts, and hands-on training. The event is September 29-30 in Seattle.

Meanwhile, Grover will be in Austin, TX for NPPA’s Business Blitz, which aims to help students develop the fundamental building blocks for creating a sustainable business in a changing marketplace. This event is taking place today and tomorrow, and will bring together award winning editors, art directors and photographers to talk about pricing, needs, and industry trends.

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