Introducing PhotoShelter’s New Support Center

Introducing PhotoShelter’s New Support Center

Today we’re really excited to announce a completely redesigned, reorganized, brand new PhotoShelter Support Center!

If you’re a PhotoShelter member, you know that there’s a lot to say about all our different tools and customization options, and since everyone uses PhotoShelter in their own unique way, we have tons of information to provide.

The goal of our new support center is to offer all the necessary documentation to answer your questions and guide you through your PhotoShelter account, while making it easy to find whatever specific information you’re looking for.

Updating and organizing these pages is an ongoing process for us as we continue to make changes and add new features to the site, so we welcome the opportunity to further improve. Please don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts by emailing us at And of course, our Client Services team is always here to take you one step further – email them anytime at

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