Building a Better Event Photography Business

Building a Better Event Photography Business

Building your event photography business has a lot to do with knowing the right people, staying visible to buyers, and having an excellent, updated online portfolio. But don’t just take our word for it – in our latest guide, Growing Your Event Photography Business, we talked to several leading event photographers whose work includes weddings, sports, nonprofit, corporate events, and more.

“80-percent of my new clients come through referrals from other clients,” says Michael Seto, who specializes in event, corporate, and documentary photography. “If you do good work and provide exceptional client service, then your clients help to market you – everyone in this business talks to one another about vendors and photographers they like to work with.”

Photo by Michael Seto

Jeremy Norman, Creative Director at New York-based event planning company Congruent Creative Workshop, agrees and says, “I find that most of the time photographers get business in this industry it’s because people attend an event, like it, and ask who did it. It’s very much a referral-based industry.”

Photojournalist, event and documentary photographer Angela Jimenez adds, “You have to be really proficient at the ‘grip and grin’ photos, the podium photos, and the things you’re supposed to get for PR purposes. But when you show up, look for the other things that will flush it out, make it more human – photos of people interacting and the things that are a little off to the side.”

Photo by Angela Jimenez

These are just a few of the insights included in our free guide, Growing Your Event Photography Business. You’ll also hear from FOOD & WINE‘s Marketing Art Director, who hires event photographers for the magazine’s gatherings throughout the year, five successful event photographers, and get concrete tips like “8 Ways To Make A Crowd Love You.”

Check out what we found on how mastering storytelling is key to repeat clients, why pursuing a niche can lead to a thriving business, and more in Growing Your Event Photography Business.

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  1. CharlieJ Photography at 4:32 pm

    I live in the southeast, smack dab in the middle of the Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Wilmington corridors…and I love working as an event photographer. There is no other job in photography that is so fluid and offers so many unexpected, candid moments that become lasting memories.

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