Live Webinar: Secrets of Great Portrait Photography with Brian Smith

Live Webinar: Secrets of Great Portrait Photography with Brian Smith

Portraits of celebrities photographed by Brian Smith

Looking for the secrets to great portrait photography? Pulitzer prize-winning photographer Brian Smith has your answers. Brian has spent the last 30 years photographing celebrities and people from all walks of life, including big names like Shaquille O’Neal, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Anne Hathaway, and more.

In this live webinar on Tuesday, October 16 at 4pm EDT, you’ll get Brian’s best tips and techniques for mastering professional portraits. Even if you’re not photographing the rich and famous, Brian’s insights will help you create meaningful portraits for everyone.

Specifically, Brian will discuss:

  • How to really connect with your subjects, put them at ease, and tell their story through portraiture.
  • Finding the perfect shoot location and how to combine the expected with the unexpected for a new perspective.
  • New ideas for capturing emotion and why paying attention to the hidden moments is so important.
  • Specific notes on different lighting techniques and how to select the right one in any given situation.

Photos by Brian Smith

Photo by Brian Smith

Photos by Brian Smith

Join us for this PhotoShelter and X-Rite sponsored webinar with Brian Smith on October 16th at 4pm EDT. Also be sure to check out Brian’s new book, Secrets of Great Portrait Photography.

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  1. Brett at 3:46 am

    I like portraits where the setup time is less than five seconds, no artificial lighting, and no posing. Great portraits mean different things to different people.

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    • Lauren Margolis at 4:12 pm

      @Jason We have a few spots open as of now! Try joining again – we’ll also be posting a video recording on the blog later tonight.

    • Lauren Margolis at 4:56 pm

      Hi Dirk, we’re finishing up the webinar so it’s probably best to watch the video recording! I’ll be posting that to the blog later tonight.

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