Lytro Camera Giveaway!

Lytro Camera Giveaway!

What do future cameras have in store for us? Higher pixel density? Quieter shutters? Better pet detection capabilities?

None of the above, says the team at Lytro. The future of cameras is light field technology.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, light field technology is the latest development to hit the camera industry – and Lytro is at the forefront of this movement with their camera of the future. Experts call it “computational photography” and Lytro’s Director of Photography, Eric Cheng, recently spoke at Luminance 2012 to explain just what exactly is the light field.

Photo by Michael J. Treola

The camera itself lets you endlessly refocus your images after you take them by capturing every single ray of light in every direction through the scene.

And just yesterday, Lytro announced two brand new features: 1) the ability to change perspective in an already existing photo, and 2) filters that add another layer of interactivity, for example select which parts of the photo are in color and which are in black and white.

We’re already a little obsessed with the Lytro camera, and looking to spread the love! So we’re giving away one 8GB graphite colored camera (valued at $399).

How can you enter to win?

Contest Rules:

  • Sign up for the Luminance newsletter by the end of November. You’ll receive an email when we add new videos from the conference to our website.
  • Contest ends at midnight EST on November 30, 2012. At that time we’ll randomly select a winner and contact him/her via email.

That’s it! Head over to and look for the “Stay Updated” area. Simply submit your email, and you’ve been entered for the chance to win!

Want to know more about Lytro and how they’re changing the possibilities for future cameras? Check out Eric Cheng’s talk below, and then view the rest of our speaker videos here.
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  2. Michelle Lawlor at 9:44 am

    This was one of my favorite sessions at Luminance! I LOVED seeing what this little camera could do, and was totally fascinated during Eric’s presentation. I’d never thought about photography in a truly three-dimensional way before and was grateful to gain a new perspective on what is possible now thanks to technology. Just incredible!

  3. Donna Bolser at 7:55 am

    I love taking photos- and many people enjoy the photos I take- It started out as a hobby for me at age 16, then learned more about taking photos in line of work in Real Estate… I used a pentex camera for years using film – Then some gave me a digital camera by Fuji and wasn’t happy with the results as they photos weren’t as clear and/or good as the photos I took from the pentex camera- however, it saved me $100’s of dollars a year.. As years went by, the digital camera’s got better, so I purchased an updated Fugi camera – the res. at this time was much larger- the photos were better…. Now 3 camera’s later, I love the digital camera – and love the way my photos look – though sometimes I use Photoshop to correct lighting and shading… I am curious to see what this Lytro camera can do… and hope I win one… as I take trips to places and take lots of photos…. and would love to see what this camera can do in comparison to the digital camera I have…. Hoping to win one and send back the results to your company…

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