Introducing Gavin Gough’s New eBook, The Photographer’s Workflow

Introducing Gavin Gough’s New eBook, The Photographer’s Workflow

As photographers, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to make our daily workflows more effective and efficient. The age-old saying, “time is money,” seriously holds true in the photography industry. If your images aren’t uploaded, edited, and delivered fast, then someone else will beat you to it.

There are hundreds of ebooks that discuss workflow, but we haven’t found anything as comprehensive or actionable as travel photographer Gavin Gough’s The Photographer’s Workflow. It’s chock full of useful information and tips – from data management, to color profiling, to configuring Lightoom 4, and more. Plus a series of free video tutorials.

This 130-page guide is broken down into 10 steps:

  • Data management
  • File & folder names
  • Flags, ratings, labels
  • Color management
  • Configuring Lightroom
  • Working in the field
  • Importing images
  • The workflow
  • Image processing
  • Exporting images

The Photographer’s Workflow is the response photographers need to nearly all questions regarding digital capture, editing, and archiving. Gavin’s workflow is very reliant on Adobe Lightroom – he uses the application to import, catalog, and keyword his photos. He’s also very thorough when keywording and captioning his images, so interested buyers can search his entire collection anytime.

This coming from a photographer who has been working as a freelance travel photographer for years, and whose photos have appeared in National Geographic, Geo, Vanity Fair, and The New York Times, among many others.

“I aim to deliver on deadline, don’t offer excuses, and always try to provide a little more than what was requested,” Gavin has told us.

The Photographer’s Workflow is my workflow,” says Gavin. “It’s the system I use every day to manage my digital photographs and I’ve shared the structure, principles, presets and the best of the knowledge that I have acquired over ten years as a professional photographer.”

This ebook is currently priced at $30, but if you buy in the next 24 hours you can get a special 33% discount. Enter “photowork20” at checkout and get The Photographers’ Workflow for just $20. You won’t regret it.

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