The Wedding Photographer’s Tour of PhotoShelter

The Wedding Photographer’s Tour of PhotoShelter

The Wedding Photographer’s Tour of PhotoShelter gives you an overview of the features that wedding photographers love about our service. This guide is perfect for those who are still searching for that all-in-one solution to help you rise above the competition and “wow” your clients, or current PhotoShelter members who want a few extra tips on how to get the most out of your account.

It’s no secret that competition in the wedding photography industry has gotten fierce. Today, you not only need a website that makes you stand out from the crowd, but also the online tools that will help you promote and manage your business. Learn more about how PhotoShelter allows you to get clients their images quickly and effortlessly, with a few added personal touches along the way.

This specialty tour of PhotoShelter will show how our services help you:

  • Build a customized website featuring your business’ unique look & feel
  • Get images uploaded and to your brides and grooms stress-free & fast
  • Share password-protected and invite-only galleries with clients & guests
  • Easily sell prints & products and still add your personal touch

“PhotoShelter accommodates all the needs of the wedding photographer and client. We love it for its excellent search engine optimization, client delivery tools, and portfolio functions.”

— James & Megan Horan, Solas Wedding Photography

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