Friday Happy Hour: BJP’s Ones to Watch Selects 20 Rising Photographers

Friday Happy Hour: BJP’s Ones to Watch Selects 20 Rising Photographers

There’s plenty of news calling for your attention this week. Besides the interesting selection of 20 photographers to watch by the British Journal of Photography, we have a call for submissions for the Nikon Photo Contest, the first New York Times Lens Blog portfolio review, and some beautiful “sleeping” images from a Dutch photographer by way of Fstoppers and CNN Photos.

British Journal of Photography’s Ones to Watch 2013

The British Journal of Photography (BJP) asked a panel of photographers, publishers, curators, photo editors and critics to select the 20 photographers to watch in 2013. The Ones to Watch reflects a list of some widely known but still on the verge of “something big.” Among them you might recognize Jun Ahn for her self-portrait series featuring her on the edge, and Pari Dukovic who shot Nicki Minaj for New York Magazine.

Photo by Jun Ahn

Photo by Pari Dukovic

Jasmine Star’s videos offer advice for new and experienced wedding photographers

Jasmine Star is no stranger to the wedding photography industry – she’s appeared on CreativeLive, drops in as keynote speaker at conferences nationwide, and is an overall marketing machine. She’s put together a series, Shooting Star, to answer the most common questions from wedding photographers about running their business. Check them out on her YouTube channel for answers to questions like: How can I help couples pose together? How can I get more likes on my Facebook page? How can I post a slideshow the same day as the wedding?

Apply to The New York Times Lens Blog portfolio review

The New York Times Lens Blog is hosting its first portfolio this spring (April 13-14) and wants you to submit. The event is free and will also feature lectures, discussion, and workshops. Only 150 will be selected to attend and will have 20 minutes with 5-6 reviewers, including Meaghan Looram (Deputy Editor of NY Times), Paul Moakley (Deputy Editor of Time magazine), Denise Wolff (Photobook Editor at Aperture), David Walker (Executive Editor, PDN), Sarah Leen (Senior Photo Editor at National Geographic) and more. Find out more details and submit your images by February 13th here.

New $18.5M, 1.8 Gigapixel drone-mounted surveillance system launches

Well, someone’s been busy: the ARGUS-IS took a mere 30 months and $18.5M dollars, and is equipped with a 1.8 Gigapixel drone-mounted surveillance system. It’s the star of PBS’s new documentary, Rise of the Drones. ARGUS can scan 15 square miles of ground surface in high details from 20,000 feet, and stores its imaging data at about one million terabytes per day. Information about where the drone hovers is classified, but be sure to wave if you happen to see it miles up in the sky (it will see you first). (via Gizmodo)

Nikon Photo Contest 2012-2013

The Nikon Photo Contest International has been around since 1969 and is now accepting entries for its 2012-2013 competition. Judges from around the world – including PhotoShelter member Ami Vitale – will review thousands of submissions to reveal one grand prize winner. This photographer will receive 1M Yen worth of Nikon products and the chance to show his/her portfolio on the Nikon Photo Contest website. Check out the details and apply here.

Photo by Debarshi Duttagupta/Grand Prize Winner 2010-2011

Legendary hacker launches new photo sharing app

George Hotz might be only 23 years old, but he’s done a lot in that lifetime. George, or as he’s known online “geohot” infamously hacked the iPhone and Playstation 3. He apparently wanted to move on to apps because George is getting ready to launch Reactions, a photo sharing app that lets you snap images using both the front and rear-facing camera on your iPhone. All the better to capture your reaction with, my dear. (via PetaPixel)

Long exposures of couples sleeping reveals lovers’ dance

Dutch photographer Paul Schneggenburger was curious, how do couples behave once they’re asleep? His long exposure images produced unique results for every couple, showcasing something like a dance. Paul set up his subjects on black sheets lit by a string of Christmas tree lights, and then started a six-hour long exposure with his 4×5 camera. The prints will be on display at the Anzenberger Gallery in Vienna starting February – here’s a little preview. (via Fstoppers)

Photo by Paul Schneggenburger

Photo by Paul Schneggenburger

Photo by Paul Schneggenburger

Photo by Paul Schneggenburger

Photo by Paul Schneggenburger

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