Friday Happy Hour: Money Management for Photographers

Friday Happy Hour: Money Management for Photographers

This week’s leading article is a guest post by Bill Cramer for APhotoEditor. Bill also helped write our latest guide, Pricing Your Work: Magazine Photography, which is filled with tips to help photographers create estimates and fee structure for their work. Bill works as a photo rep, and has many years experience in helping photographers manage their businesses. Check out his article linked below, as well as a few shout-outs to PhotoShelter members who were recently recognized for their work and upcoming events where you can meet Allen and Grover.

Advice on money management for photographers

Bill Cramer from Wonderful Machine wrote a great guest post for APhotoEditor with tips on how photographers can manage and save their money, even without a regular paycheck. Some advice includes:

  • Only borrow money to buy things that appreciate in value or generate revenue
  • Pay off your credit card bills in full
  • Understand the difference between your business and personal money
  • Be satisfied saving small amounts of money at first

Bill also goes in depth on how photographers can set up separate accounts for their various expenses, and save/transfer money between their different accounts to remain sustainable. It’s a good read for anyone who’s struggling to remain in the “green”. Read it here.

Study says Pinterest beats paid advertising on Facebook for retailers and brands

A survey conducted last fall by Bizrate showed that Pinterested accounted for 10% of all online sales compared to only 7% from Facebook, and twice as many respondents use Pinterested to get inspiration what to buy and “associate with retailers/brands”.

Photopreneur took an interesting spin on the survey, saying that Pinterest is likely to beat paid advertising for wedding photographers. “The site’s demographics are about 70 percent female and the 25-34 age range is the most common, making up about 27 percent of the site’s users,” said the article. “With more than a quarter of those users in households with incomes of over $100,000 per year, those twenty-something and thirty-something women are a prime market for suppliers of wedding services, including photography.”

We’ve already heard from many photographers who use Pinterest for creating mood/inspiring board, either for their prospective clients or for a shoot. Wedding photographer Leeann Marie uses Pinterest in two ways: “Your current clients need ideas to inspire them and help them through a session,” she says. “Your future clients need you to remain in their minds and be interactive.” What do you use it for?

Pinterest board by Leeann Marie

PhotoShelter member wins 3rd place in World Press Photo Sports Feature

Many of our readers have seen and reacted to Allen’s discussion of the World Press Photo winners (here and here), but we want to take a moment to recognize PhotoShelter member and photojournalist Vittore Buzzi who won 3rd prize in the Sports Feature category for his story on Lethwei – an unarmed Burmese martial art in Myanmar. See all his images here.

Photo by Vittore Buzzi

March events – come meet PhotoShelter!

We’re all over the map next month – literally.

  • On February 25th: Allen is hosting a happy hour for PhotoShelter members based in Sydney, Australia. Come say hi at the Beresford Hotel in Surry Hills! Happy hour details here.
  • On February 28th: Next up, Allen is in Auckland, New Zealand to meet local photographers. Happy hour details here.
  • On March 3rd: Grover will be speaking at the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) summit in Jacksonville, Florida. Grover will be at the Advance Your Business Pro Day alongside John Harrington, Ian Shive, and Mary Virginia Swanson. He’ll talk about what photo buyers want to see in your website, and giving out copies of our Selling Nature Photography guide.
  • On March 3rd: Allen is in Wellington, New Zealand to say hi to PhotoShelter members. Happy hour details here.
  • On March 7th: We’re happy to help sponsor photo rep Frank Meo‘s talk with APA Midwest on creative estimating.This hands-on seminar will teach the art and science to properly preparing an estimate and presenting it to the client. Event details and registration found here.

SIMPLcase makes for easy storing of extra SIM cards in your iPhone

Travel photographers take note of SIMPLcase, which makes storing your extra SIM cards a breeze. This sleek, minimalist iPhone case is designed for global travelers so you can store both the iPhone SIM tray eject tool and spare SIM cards. The Kickstarter project has already received praise from TechCrunch, Mashable, The Huffington Post, and more. Check out the details and contribute here.

Open Show presents free screening of compelling work in NYC

Open Show organizes live events worldwide to help bring compelling work and direct interactions with photographers to the public. Next Tuesday, March 26th, they’re hosting a show in New York City featuring work from Arlene Gottfried, Manjari Sharma, Rebecca Davis, Gaia Squarci, and Mark Ovaska.  The show will be hosted at the Half King in Chelsea, and is free. Check it out or consider submitting your work for the next show.

Photo by Arlene Gottfried

Jonathan Kalan for the NY Times reports on ethnic clashes in Kenya

Photojournalist and PhotoShelter member Jonathan Kalan‘s photo was featured on the cover of The New York Times today alongside a story about ethnic clashes in Kenya. Tribe, land, and politics are the three main causes of conflict in this usually stable and peaceful country. But when election season comes around, age-old grievances get stirred up and neighbors start killing neighbors.

Jonathan’s image shows a 9 month-old baby who was slashed by a machete when raiders from a rival ethnical group attacked her village. His other featured images include tribal men on patrol and the rubble after an attack.

Photo by Jonathan Kalan

Photo by Jonathan Kalan

Photo by Jonathan Kalan

Photographer Alberto Seveso mixes ink and images for album cover

Italian photographer Alberto Seveso has dabbled in swirling ink portraits before. This time his work was for music artist Ayaka’s new album, featuring images of her swirling in a sea of wispy colors. The technique makes for a whimsical and slightly haunting final image. (via My Modern Met)

Photo by Alberto Seveso

Photo by Alberto Seveso

Photo by Alberto Seveso


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