New Guide: The Stock Photographer’s Tour of PhotoShelter

New Guide: The Stock Photographer’s Tour of PhotoShelter

The new era of stock photography challenges photographers to evolve and develop alternative ways to sell their images. And while there are still benefits to selling through the big agencies, accepting licensing models that let you keep just 30% (or less) of the revenue probably isn’t going to cut it.

In The Stock Photographer’s Tour of PhotoShelter, we demonstrate how it’s possible to set out on your own with our feature-packed websites and tools, which can help you get found by new clients and sell more images. This guide is designed for photographers whose main business is stock photography, as well as those with a large archive looking to license past work.

This specialty tour of PhotoShelter will show how our services help you:

  • Customize your website so it’s easy for clients to search your archive
  • License your images for rights-managed and royalty-free sale
  • Rank higher on Google with the best SEO in the industry
  • Stay organized with our client management tools
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