Video Interview with Ilise Benun on How to Talk Money with Clients

Video Interview with Ilise Benun on How to Talk Money with Clients

Ilise Benun is the co-founder of, providing guidance, practical strategies, and inspiring ideas for creative professionals. She has the tips photographers need to help grow their business in the right direction.

And in this video interview, Ilise takes us through best practices for photographers (and all creatives) who are getting ready to “talk money” with clients. We start from the beginning – finding and qualifying prospective clients, drafting proposals for new clients, preparing for negotiating the specifics, and closing the deal with confidence.

Ilise also has a plethora of great business ebooks and tools, which you can find here.

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  1. Adam Chandler at 5:06 pm

    You guys rock! I love all the great educational material you make available. Very educational and entertaining. On another note, when can I expect all the great new template designs I thought you guys were putting out last year? I like my site but think there are a number of features and tweaks that could make it better.

    • Lauren Margolis at 5:41 am

      @Adam We’re currently testing new themes in private beta, and you can expect a public announcement and release this spring/early summer.

  2. Rien at 3:17 am

    The video link is broken, it cuts out at 24 min, unless, of course, it is a premium feature, I don’t know how you do these things.

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