Video Interview with Jasmine DeFoore: Get Organized & Build a Better Portfolio

Video Interview with Jasmine DeFoore: Get Organized & Build a Better Portfolio

Jasmine DeFoore has over 20 years experience in the photo industry as an editorial photo editor, project manager, marketing director, artist representative, and freelance art producer. She uses this mix of experiences to help commercial photographers get the kinds of jobs they are looking for.

In this video, Jasmine breaks down the sometimes daunting task of getting organized and building a better portfolio into four main steps:

  1. Define your target audience.
  2. Put together a cohesive edit.
  3. Build a better portfolio.
  4. Create your marketing checklist.

Her tips and strategies will help photographers understand the importance of defining their niche and finding their strengths; use photo editing and book making software to review their work and put together an edit; create a narrative and use color, pattern, and shapes to build an inspiring portfolio; and update prospective and existing clients with enticing emails and newsletters.

Note: Please excuse some of the erroneous clicking going on during the presentation! We were experiencing some recording difficulties, but fortunately all the content came through. 

You can find Jasmine at and on Facebook and Twitter.


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  2. Godelieve Mols at 9:14 am

    ….Thought it was a great subject and great read… till I started to discover that this article is “very” old; it dates from Nov. 2011 !
    An update would be lovely !
    Using a Fujifilm X10 as second, light travel camera, and not completely happy with it (mainly because of battery life), I am very interested in hearing other peoples thoughts.
    Thanks in advance for considering.

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