Celebrating Photography in Space

Celebrating Photography in Space

When NASA astronaut and photographer Dr. Don Pettit spoke at Luminance, he received a standing ovation. His images of space and Earth from the International Space Station (ISS) capture a truly unique and even surreal perspective of the world around us. And Dr. Pettit’s modesty about his photography and time in space is actually out of this world.

Dr. Pettit’s video from Luminance  has since received over 35,000 views, so clearly you’re as enamored with him as we are. We were excited when fellow astrophotographer and cinematographer Christoph Malin asked us to use clips from Dr. Pettit’s talk in his latest video, Making The Invisible Visible.

This video was made in collaboration with Dr. Pettit and features his images turned into stunning timelapse video. The result is a perfect pairing of Dr. Pettit’s explanation alongside some outstanding footage. Take a look:

And check out Dr. Don Pettit’s original talk from Luminance 2012 here:

You can watch all our Luminance videos, including David Burnett, Peter Yang, Tyler Shields, and leaders from Blurb, Getty, Christie’s, and more.

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