Friday Happy Hour: Adobe Debuts Photoshop Touch for Smartphones

Friday Happy Hour: Adobe Debuts Photoshop Touch for Smartphones

This week we’re excited to spread the word about PDN’s 30 emerging and new photographers to watch, as well as a few other photographers who deserve attention for fighting back against the big guys, making an impromptu rain machine, and working on a passionate photo series.

Adobe debuts Photoshop Touch for smartphones

This week Adobe officially released Photoshop Touch for iPhone and Android smartphones, which has nearly all the same functionality as the more powerful tablet app. The smartphone version was clearly redesigned for smaller-screen devices, reports TechCrunch. The popular Scribble Selection feature lets you use your finger to pick our precise parts of the photo, and the Camera fill feature lets you fill in a layer using your smartphone’s camera. The app goes for $4.99.

PDN’s 30 new and emerging photographers to watch

PDN announced its 30 photographers to watch this week, who were selected from 300+ portfolios that the magazine has received since October. Editor Conor Risch said of this year’s group, “While these photographers differ as widely as their backgrounds, histories and photographs, there is a shared personality trait that stood out this year: self-belief…each of these photographers has at some point looked inward in order to create work that means something to them, which they can then put out into the world.”

The list included 18-year-old Olivia Bee, who was recently featured in New York Magazine and completed an ad campaign for luxury brand Hermes; Tatiana Plotnikova, whose powerful work covers marginal life in Russia; and Beijing-based photographer Sim Chi Yin, whose past work focused on migrant laborers in China and Indonesia.

Photo by Olivia Bee

Photo by Tatiana Plotnikova

Photo by Sim Chi Yin

The gallery features images from each photographer alongside a profile describing their work and motivation. Check out all 30 here.

DKNY steals photographer’s street style images after deal falls through

Brandon Stanton is the photographer behind Humans of New York, a hugely popular street style type blog that pairs images of New Yorkers alongside personal snippets about the person. Several months ago, DKNY offered Brandon $15,000 for 300 of his images to display in its store windows. A friend advised him to ask for more (that’s just $50 per photo), but DKNY declined.

This week, Brandon found out that a DKNY store in Bangkok posted his images from New York Fashion Week anyway.

The DKNY store in Bangkok said to be using Brandon’s images without permission.

A close-up of the window display, and Brandon’s original photo from New York Fashion Week on the right.

Brandon has since asked that DKNY make a $100,000 donation to a YMCA in Brooklyn. The company donated $25,000 and stated on their Facebook page, “…it appears that inadvertently the store in Bangkok used an internal mock up containing some of Mr. Stanton’s images that was intended to merely show the direction of the spring visual program. We apologize for this error and are working to ensure that only the approved artwork is used.”

In response, Brandon has set up an indiegogo campaign to help raise the remaining $75,000, which will help send kids to summer camp. There’s only a few hours left, so check it out and consider helping the cause. (via The Atlantic Wire)

How to create 3D video with still photos

How do wedding photographers feel about using 3D video to either promote yourself or even create for clients as part of your prints package?

PetaPixel came across French photographer Sebastien Laban, who is turning his wedding photos into 3D slow-mo zooms.

It’s done with After Effects, and here’s a video tutorial by video media maker Jamie Francis:

How to create an indoor rain photoshoot

Unsurprisingly, most studios don’t want you bringing in a full out rain machine into their space. But if you’re looking to get that drenched, moody shoot – without the cost and impracticality of a fancy machine or actual rain storm – check out Benjamin Von Wong’s blog post on “Getting creative with a Lensbaby and water guns”. Bejamin opted to use water guns – “they were light, portable, easy to clean up and easy to find” – that they shot at a surface for the water to bounce off. Take a look at some of the resulting images:

Photo by Benjamin Von Wong

Photo by Benjamin Von Wong

(via Fstoppers)

Foto8 brings documentary photography to the classroom

Foto8, based in London, works to connect documentary photographers, authors, and audiences by creating interactive displays, photography exhibitions, books and magazine publications. One of their projects, Look and Learn, strives to introduce primary school children and their teachers to photo stories and artists. Founders Yasmin Keel Jon Levy helped cover  topics that reflected the class’ curriculum. By next March, they hope to reach over 2000 children with 80 sessions – but they need your help! Check out their project on indiegogo, there’s just 13 days left to contribute.

Photo series: people and their passions

Jack Daly‘s ongoing series, People With Passions, takes simple but compelling shots of people and their passions – whether that’s cars, crafts, bikes, painting, or even Willy Wonka memorabilia. Here are a few favorite shots:

Photo by Jack Daly/”Creating some of the best hand crafted waistcoats, suits and other formal artire at The Maidsmen, Christian is truly passionate about what he does.”

Photo by Jack Daly/”Creator of All About Tea this man is truly passionate about tea. Anything he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. He blends the teas himself to produce the best quality he can, and trust me, it’s the best quality you’l get.”

Photo by Jack Daly/”My brother and complete opposite. Rob is an academic that loves literature and can speak languages like no tomorrow. He could live anywhere and get away as being a local.”

Photo by Jack Daly/”Mixing her two passions of photography and sex therapy, Diana definitely shows her life and work through her images. With a passion for portrait and night photography she definitely knows how to take a good picture.”

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  1. Kevin at 7:19 am

    Sooooooooo, DKNY didn’t pay for the use in the stores but did use his images internally and to demonstrate what the direction they wanted to go without him. Why didn’t they pay for the images that they used internally? 25K for theft really should require an attorney. Anyone wonder why screen grabbing and copying of images from websites should be illegal? Because it’s not like DKNY had to go out and buy a bunch of printed material in order to lay it out and internally say, this is what we’re after. In the modern age we live in they just take the images from the internet, layout the copy, make the prints and then when caught are given a reprieve.

    Adobe? Why the free advertisement?

  2. pam at 8:28 am

    Ooooooooh hate it when corporations have no concept of the “it’s a small world” concept. Can’t use it here (obviously) so we’ll use it overseas, especially Asia where no one he knows will see it.

    I think I would have taken the first amount as I’m broke but I completely understand holding out for the better price.

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