G’Day and KiaOra!

G’Day and KiaOra!

One of the true joys of PhotoShelter is that we have a worldwide community of members. So when I recently made my way down to Australia and New Zealand, I decided to pop in and say hello to some of you fine folks. And as I have found in visiting clients in the U.S., Canada and the UK, y’all are not only great photographers, but really nice people, too! The double benefit of Australia and New Zealand (that’s “en zed” to the locals) is that they also produce some fabulous wine. And boy, do I like my pinot noir.

In Sydney, we met up at the Beresford Hotel in Surry Hills. Here’s a little panoramic of our food.

And a little group shot.

Then it was off to Auckland, New Zealand as the Bluestone Room, where I took this limited depth of field photo. It looked in focus after the wine, I promise.

The capital city of Wellington was next, and after I petted a cheetah at the Wellington Zoo, I headed to Molly Malones.

And finally, a jaunt to the earthquake stricken city of Christchurch at the No. 4 Bar in the fancy Merivale neighborhood.

Longtime user Thomas Pickard, a Christchurch wedding photographer, was foolish enough to ask me what I was doing the next day, and when I revealed to him that my tour to Mt. Cook had been canceled, he volunteered to take me around…for ELEVEN hours to scenic Arthur’s Pass and more.

It was a fantastic two week trip that went by way too fast, but it was really great to meet some of you in person after seeing your names and photos on my computer screen for so long.

So hey, come meet me and say hello. Next stop is China, so you’re in Shanghai (April 8) or Beijing (April 9), please stop by. I’ll be the guy not drinking the baijiu. Xie Xie!

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