Friday Happy Hour: Bing Lets Users Post Your Images to Pinterest

Friday Happy Hour: Bing Lets Users Post Your Images to Pinterest

We saw some product launches this week, including the ability to “pin” photos from Bing image search, Adobe’s new camera shake reduction feature and Lightoom 5 beta, as well as some psychedelic photos of jellyfish – just for fun.

Bing image search now lets people “pin” images

A new social sharing feature has popped up on Bing image search. Users can now “pin” images directly to Pinterest, giving them the ability to share your images with their Pinterest networks. (via Engadget)

Adobe announces camera shake reduction feature

Adobe is currently demoing a new feature called Camera Shake Reduction, which will analyze a section of your photo and reconstruct the area to de-blur. (via The Phoblographer)

Adobe also launched Lightroom 5 beta this week, which is set to add some highly-desired features including an advanced healing brush, radial filter, and smart preview so you can edit offline images. Downloads are available here.

Advice on finding a rep

Craig Oppenheimer from Wonderful Machine has a good guest post on APhotoEditor about finding a rep. He helps clarify what exactly a rep does, how to determine whether you’d benefit from one, and how to go about finding one. He also outlines a few major elements of a rep agreement that you should look for and understand. Read more here.

Film project to compel decision makers to conserve New Hampshire landscapes

PhotoShelter member and outdoor and conservation photographer Jerry Monkman of Eco Photography is filming a documentary called The Power of Place. He hopes to compel decision makers to conserve iconic New Hampshire landscapes at risk due to Northern Pass, a proposed electricity transmission line that will run from the Canadian border through 180 miles of New Hampshire, including the White Mountain National Forest and Appalachian Trail.

Jerry is this project through Kickstarter. Details of the film project can be found on his Kickstarter page and the film’s page on his website.

2013 Putlizer Prize winners in feature photography

The 2013 Putlizer Prize winners in feature photography were announced this week. PhotoShelter member Javier Manzano received the top award for his picture (distributed by Agence France-Presse) of two Syrian rebel soldiers guarding their position. he’s the first freelance photographer to win this award in 17 years. Congrats also to the two finalists Liz O. Baylen and Renee C. Byer.

Photo by Javier Manzano

Read more about how Javier captures this photo on Poynter.

Second Annual Portland Square, May 17-18

For the second year ASMP Oregon is hosting Portland Square on May 17-28. Photographers are randomly assigned one of 70 squares to shoot, trying out free gear courtesy of Lensbaby and Pro Photo Supply. The next day everyone regroups to edit, swap stories, and enter the PDXSQ contest.  Prizes will be given out in a variety of categories, including free PhotoShelter accounts. They’ll also be publishing a limited edition PDXSQ 2013 book showcasing the images of the day for each participant. Learn more and register here.

Psychedelic photos of Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish

Florida-based photographer Aaron Ansarov must not be afraid of the jellyfish’s sting. He’s been collecting them near his home and then photographing them on a light table, illuminating their insides. He mirrors the image in Photoshop to get the final images seen below. (via Wired)

Photo by Aaron Ansarov

Photo by Aaron Ansarov

Photo by Aaron Ansarov

Photo by Aaron Ansarov

Photo by Aaron Ansarov

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