Friday Happy Hour: Facebook Finds Its Cellphone “Home” in Android

Friday Happy Hour: Facebook Finds Its Cellphone “Home” in Android

This week Facebook announced Home for Android, turning your cellphone experience entirely social. We also caught some news from Google+ on uploading high res images, one man’s rant about there being too many cameras on the market, and some beautiful aerial images of airports.

Announcing Facebook Home

At the Facebook Phone Event yesterday, the social media giant finally announced its much anticipated – and speculated – phone. Though it’s not exactly what you’d expect: Facebook Home, built for Android phones only at this time, replaces your standard home screen with an immersible Facebook experience.

Photo via TechCrunch

Users will experience a constant stream of full-screen photos and stories. Swiping past the home screen shows all your apps, with Facebook Chat at the forefront, which is designed to let you switch between chats without closing and out of different windows.

Photo via TechCrunch

The event positioned Facebook Home as a quicker way to socialize online via your phone. “We’re not building a phone and we’re not building an operating system,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said. The new HTC First phone on AT&T will be the first to come with Facebook Home installed, but the app launches April 12th for a variety of Android users in the U.S. (via TechCrunch and CNET)

Google announces high res photo uploads for Google+

Earlier this week Google+ announced that it’s now possible to upload full-size photos. Photos larger than 2048px will count against the 5GB of free storage Google offers for this and Google Drive. If you plan on uploading more, you’ll need to buy more storage. The photography community has been asking for high res uploads for a while now, so it’s a welcomed addition for many. (via PetaPixel)

Campaign to help replace war photographer’s stolen equipment

In August 2011, freelance Australian journalist Tracey Shelton was attacked in her hotel room in Libya. Two armed men attempted to kidnap her – fortunately they did not succeed, but they did steal everything valuable in her room, including her camera equipment. Tracey has since been borrowing equipment to cover the conflict in Syria. Two recent journalism school graduates in New York read about her story and want to help, so they started a campaign to raise $5,000 to buy Tracey new equipment. Below is some of Tracey’s multimedia work from Syria – visit the campaign’s indiegogo page to learn more about what equipment they hope to buy.

Tips on freezing action in digital photography

Your gut instinct might be to use a fast shutter speed to freeze action, but you’ll likely end up with a completely motionless picture. Bill Jones from The Photo Argus offers some tips for freezing action, including panning and electronic flash. Read more here.

Rant: “There are too many cameras on the market”

One man’s rant about there being too many cameras on the market has stirred up quite the conversation within the photography community. He’s certainly not the only one who’s troubled by the constant release of new gear. What do you think? (via The Phoblographer via Reddit)

Life in a minute, series by Ryan Enn Hughes

“Life in a Minute” is a five-part portrait series featuring some of today’s most interesting artists and performers. The series was created by Ryan Enn Hughes with Vice for Japanese clothing company Uniqlo. Check out the first part below.

Product shoot for Men’s Health magazine by Michael Grecco

This video takes you behind the scenes of a high end product photo shoot for Men’s Health and Proctor & Gamble shot by commercial & celebrity photographer Michael Grecco. See how he shoots high end ad campaigns for international clients.

Aerial airport series by Jeffrey Milstein

Photographer Jeffrey Milstein has a thing for planes – he’s photographer their underbellies in the past and now he’s taken to the sky to capture the intricate world of airports from above. You barely recognize their scale when you’re traveling, so check out these beautiful images for a different vantage point. See the full series here. (via Laughing Squid)

Photo by Jeffrey Milstein/Newark Liberty International Airport

Photo by Jeffrey Milstein/John F. Kennedy International Airport



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