New PhotoShelter Member Profiles: Adrian Barrett and Raffe Lazarian

New PhotoShelter Member Profiles: Adrian Barrett and Raffe Lazarian

Each month we’ll showcase some of our latest and greatest PhotoShelter members; those who are building their PhotoShelter sites and uploading some fantastic work within just a few weeks of joining the community.

This month we’d like to introduce Adrian Barrett and Raffe Lazarian. Adrian, who’s based out of New Zealand, has decades of experience, and has lately been experimenting with HDR photography. Professional photojournalist Raffe Lazarian’s bread and butter is his documentary work, but he has a special place in his heart for portraits, as well.

Adrian Barrett

Photo by Adrian Barrett

Photo by Adrian Barrett

Specialty: Portraits

PhotoShelter member since: March 29, 2013

Why he joined: Adrian wanted a secure backup for his archive, and a platform to sell his fine art prints.  As he told us: “PhotoShelter provides us photographers with all the services and help we need to run a successful business.”

How long he’s been photographing: Adrian’s been shooting for almost 50 years, focusing heavily on the portrait market as well as teaching.

What he shoots with: Adrian still carries a few film cameras, from a 5 x 4 to 120 format. But, for everyday shooting and experimental work he takes his Canon 5D Mark II.

What he loves about PhotoShelter: “The thing I love about PhotoShelter is its ease of use in setting up my new site. I also like all the guides on various topics – they certainly provide a great service.”

Raffe Lazarian

Photo by Raffe Lazaria

Photo by Raffe Lazarian

Specialty: Photojournalism


PhotoShelter member since: March 28, 2013

Why he joined: “After years of being told to join PhotoShelter, I finally gave it a shot. I’m glad I did. For a professional photographer, I have yet to find a site that offers the same set of features. With a PhotoShelter site, you can pretty much make it into anything you want it to be.”

How long he’s been photographing: Professionally, Raffe’s been shooting for 7 years, but began practicing almost 5 years before that.

What he shoots with: Raffe can’t leave the house without his Canon 5D Mark II.

What he loves about PhotoShelter: Raffe gave us a long list of reasons why he’s loving his PhotoShelter account, including the option to sell images through the site, password-protected galleries, and great customer service.

Congrats to these new PhotoShelter members on building a great site to help run their businesses!

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