Video Demo: Stylizing Your Portrait Photography in Photoshop

Video Demo: Stylizing Your Portrait Photography in Photoshop

Yesterday we were fortunate to have special guest Aaron Nace host a live Photoshop demo for our audience, showing how basic retouching techniques can be combined together to achieve amazing results.

Aaron is the Founder and President of Phlearn, the #1 Photoshop site that publishes free episodes to help creatives learn Photoshop and photography techniques. He’s also a very talented photographer specializing in conceptual photography.

In the live demo, Aaron goes over his approach to non-destructive retouching, exposure and color correction, blemish removal, and how he uses dodging and burning to create definition and drama in his portraits.

Click here to download Aaron’s favorite retouching brush for Photoshop. (You may need to right-click and save the file. Installation instructions are included in the download.)

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Phlearn’s Photoshop and photography videos – there’s over 450 free tutorial episodes!

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  2. Wim at 8:44 am

    How to get the different versions as layers into Photoshop? An easier way is to create a number of virtual copies in Lightroom. Give each of them their own exposure settings etc., select them all in grid view and click “open as layers in Photoshop” from the right mouse menu.

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