New PhotoShelter Member Profiles: Yew Kwang and Daniel Kramer

New PhotoShelter Member Profiles: Yew Kwang and Daniel Kramer

Each month we’ll showcase some of our latest and greatest PhotoShelter members; those who are building their PhotoShelter sites and uploading some fantastic work within just a few weeks of joining the community.

This past month we received a slew of new-member submissions. Yew Kwang and Daniel Kramer‘s work stood out from the crowd with the small tweaks they’ve made to personalize their PhotoShelter sites, and their strong work. Take a look at their progress below.

 Yew Kwang

Photo by Yew Kwang

Photo by Yew Kwang

Specialty: Travel


PhotoShelter member since: April 9, 2013

Why he joined: Yew had been on the hunt for years for a place to display his work, sell fine art prints and license stock images. “PhotoShelter provided the perfect solutions for all my needs!” says Yew.

How long he’s been photographing: 10 years

What he shoots with: Yew claims he’s a die-hard Nikon user.

What he loves about PhotoShelter: “To be honest, I love everything about PhotoShelter: the ease of setting up your site and making changes, the presentation, the list goes on. One particular thing worth mentioning is the licensing of images. The pricing profiles can be setup with just a few clicks and most important of all, your images are instantly available for sale. This is unlike uploading to a stock site where you have to wait for a few days to get them approved.”


Daniel Kramer

Photo by Daniel Kramer

Photo by Daniel Kramer

Specialty: Wedding and editorial


PhotoShelter member since: April 19, 2013

Why he joined: Daniel wanted a site that was keyword searchable with a built in shopping cart to sell his archive stock images. He also appreciated PhotoShelter’s Buyer’s Page, where art directors can go and search for images and photographers.

How long he’s been photographing: 13 years

What he shoots with: Rolls with two Canon 5D Mark II’s

What he loves about PhotoShelter: “Your customer service is the best! Your site is also easy to use and I love all the self-help guides that you are constantly producing.”

Congrats to these new PhotoShelter members on building a great site to help run their businesses!


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