Video Interview: Editing Your Online Portfolio with Eduardo Angel

Video Interview: Editing Your Online Portfolio with Eduardo Angel

Many photographers often feel lost when trying to first develop a story line for their images and tightly edit them down to a final portfolio. So we asked Eduardo Angel – who’s clients include Adobe, The New York Times, and Sony – to join us for a specialty webinar on Editing a Portfolio and Developing Your Vision (co-sponsored by X-Rite).

Eduardo is one of those distinguished visual storytellers who’s regularly asked to speak at events and workshops worldwide. That’s because he’s an inspiring educator who’s mastered his editing process – plus he’s very dedicated to helping fellow photographers enhance their own creativity.

Eduardo recently traveled to the Middle East, where he took 2,000+ images, and needed to bring that number down for an online gallery on his PhotoShelter website.

Some of his golden rules for both the online portfolio and physical books to show to clients are to get a second opinion, make friends with the “delete” key, and the 1% rule: only include 1% of all photos you took in your final story.

Check out the video recording of this hour-long webinar for more great tips on Lightroom rating and sequencing workflow, as well as quick tips on how to improve your image quality with the ColorChecker Passport, white balance, and custom camera profiles.

Follow Eduardo Angel on Twitter @EA_Photo and his blog.

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