New PhotoShelter Member Profiles: Chris Whitelaw & Carol Fletcher

New PhotoShelter Member Profiles: Chris Whitelaw & Carol Fletcher

Each month we’ll showcase some of our latest and greatest PhotoShelter members; those who are building their PhotoShelter sites and uploading some fantastic work within just a few weeks of joining the community.

This past month we found two members who not only have incredible work, but have each built and tweaked their customized PhotoShelter sites to suit their images just right. Take a look at their great progress below.

Chris Whitelaw

Photo by Chris Whitelaw

Photo by Chris Whitelaw

Specialty: Photojournalism


PhotoShelter member since: April 21, 2013

Why he joined: Chris let us know: “As an emerging visual artist I am keenly aware that a website is a vital tool for showcasing and marketing my work. I consulted a number of commercial web designers to help me set one up but found their prices way beyond my budget. One of them introduced me to Photoshelter where I found everything I needed in setup, support and price. It’s great to be putting my work out there on a website to be proud of.”

Chris Whitelaw’s customized PhotoShelter homepage

How long he’s been photographing: 4 years as a freelance photographer.

What he shoots with: Chris mixes up his equipment, switching between the Canon 60D and Nikon D80.

What he loves about PhotoShelter: “It looks good and is really user-friendly. It’s easy to upload images which means I can keep the site fresh by regularly introducing work. The pricing and e-commerce facility is simple and enables me to offer my images for sale in different media and sizes to suit a buyer’s needs. The back-up support is reassuringly prompt and easy to understand.”

 Carol Fletcher

Photo by Carol Fletcher

Photo by Carol Fletcher

Specialty: Travel stories


PhotoShelter member since: May 26th, 2013

Why she joined: Carol is using PhotoShelter’s Graph Paper Press integration, which was an important factor when choosing a website provider. “I moved my site from SmugMug to Photoshelter because I wanted to incorporate a blog, and I really liked the look of several of Photoshelter’s themes,” she says.

Carol’s WordPress/Graph Paper Press homepage which she’s integrated with her PhotoShelter site.

How long she’s been photographing: She’s been practicing for 30 years.

What she shoots with: Nikon D700

What she loves about PhotoShelter: Carol knew about PhotoShelter long before she was a member. “You guys have been great…even before I was a customer. You have the helpful guides, your pricing is fair, their are lab choices, and the customer service team is fast and thorough and very very helpful. I love the way the new site looks. Thank you!”

Thanks Carol and Chris for your submissions – congrats on your beautiful sites!

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