Video Interview: How Ad Agencies Select & Hire Photographers

Video Interview: How Ad Agencies Select & Hire Photographers

What are some overlooked mistakes photographers make when promoting themselves to ad agencies? How can you demonstrate that you’re a good fit for an agency? What key style elements do art producers look for? These are the questions that former Art Producer and Creative Consultant Kristina Hicks answered during her live webinar, sponsored by PhotoShelter and Agency Access.

Check out the video recording below and see examples of great direct mail pieces and e-promos that caught the attention of Kristina and her colleagues at ad agency giant Saatchi & Saatchi. Kristina discusses suggested sizes, layouts, and the most important component of any great promotion piece – your branding.

Kristina also helps lift the veil on what goes on behind the scenes when an ad agency hires a new photographer. You’ll learn about the key players on the ad agency side, which ones you should target in your outreach, and how they determine which photographer is right for the job.

Kristina Hicks is one of Agency Access’ Creative Consultants. Agency Access helps photographers and other creatives optimize their marketing strategy. They also offer comprehensive industry lists that are continuously updated so you can launch your direct marketing campaign with success. Learn more here.

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