Storytelling On Location with Corey Rich

Storytelling On Location with Corey Rich


Many of us are blessed to go on vacation every year and see a part of the world. Corey Rich gets to go on such trips for a living. Corey is one of the worlds most recognized adventure sports and outdoor lifestyle visual storytellers, and he’s had the opportunity to document some of the world’s greatest athletes in extreme locations spanning the globe.

This week on August 26-28, Corey is teaching a creativeLIVE course titled “Still and Motion: Storytelling on Location“. It’s a totally free online 3-day class for photographers of all levels looking to get started in the world of still and motion. Corey will cover a whole range of topics, including best practices for pre-planning and scripting a shoot, troubleshooting on the fly, conducting and shooting on-camera interviews, working to meet clients’ needs and how to work efficiently with a  small crew.

So tune in and watch the course in real time. Register and watch here.

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