Editorial & Commercial Portrait Photographers: A New Guide On Building Your Business

Editorial & Commercial Portrait Photographers: A New Guide On Building Your Business


In Part II of our 2-part guide on Growing Your Portrait Photography Business, we focus on the exciting and thriving editorial and commercial side of the business. Here, get tips to on how to build and expand your editorial and commercial portrait photography business, amp up your pricing and negotiating skills, and “wow” clients with a rejuvenated focus on customer service. Successful portrait photographers such as Brian Smith, Jim Jordan, Jason Myers all share their own advice and knowledge on what it takes to grow connections that last.

In this guide, you’ll discover how to:

  • Prepare for a shoot, including the top questions to ask before you arrive
  • Build lasting connections with clients by providing great customer service
  • Impress photo editors with an exceptional online portfolio
  • Get smart about pricing and negotiating contracts and licenses

Extra Bonus: Enter to win!
Download the guide by October 2, 2013 and be automatically entered to win a Pricing and Negotiating Review Package from the pricing experts at Wonderful Machine. The package includes a review of your current pricing approach, along with in-depth analysis of up to five of your recent estimates. They’ll also explain contract terminology and coach you on estimating applications like Quickbooks or BlinkBid.


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      Sorry about that! We’ve made the fixes, but there were links to Wonderful Machine’s blog that we could not track down. So, we’re going to take those out entirely. Appreciate you pointing it out and apologies again that you didn’t have a great experience finding what you were looking for.


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