PhotoShelter Bootcamp Helps Kick Your Website Into High Gear

PhotoShelter Bootcamp Helps Kick Your Website Into High Gear


Your website is arguably your most important business tool. It’s the one place you can feature your images, your brand, your achievements and your personality. But if you can’t articulate your big picture business goals –  including the clients you want – it will be a challenge to create a website that attracts the right audience.

Whether you’re considering upgrading your website, or just need a refresh, PhotoShelter’s new Photography Website Bootcamp can help kick your site into high gear – and do the hard selling for you. The Bootcamp includes three weekly emails packed with both written and video interviews featuring photo consultants, photo editors, webmasters, and business-savvy photographers.

Here’s a breakdown of what you get:

  • Week 1: “Get Inspired – Attract Clients You Want” includes a Q&A with photo consultant Neil Binkley, how to win jobs through personal projects with editorial photographer Jonathan Gayman, and setting a solid tone for your portfolio with Amanda Sosa stone.
  • Week 2: “Get Hired – Appeal to Photo Buyers & Future Clients” includes insights from photo buyers worldwide on what makes for an outstanding website, as well as what the Director of Photography at Sports Illustrated looks for in the photographers he hires.
  • Week 3: “Get Down To Business – Steps to Improve Your Website” has the concrete tips for building a better website, including the top 11 things to hep you attract more clients and encourage return visitors with your website’s design and functionality, and some telling before-and-after examples of defunct websites turned great.

So don’t delay (or procrastinate!). The Photography Website Bootcamp will help break down what you need to do to improve your website, no hard coding or mental sweating required.


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