Video: The Wedding Photographer’s Pre-Event Checklist

Video: The Wedding Photographer’s Pre-Event Checklist

Photo by MKD Photography

Photo by MKD Photography

Photographer Michael Duval has been photographing weddings with his wife ever since the two got married in 2005. Now, with three kids and a full-time gig at rental house LensProToGo, Michael is still shooting up to 20 weddings a year.

In this video recording of our live webinar on The Wedding Photographer’s Pre-Event Checklist, listen in as Michael gives insight on how to stay organized and on top of all the logistics when it comes to getting prepared to shoot The Big Day. He also dives into his plethora of knowledge about the essential gear you should bring, how to go about making sure you get fed, and dealing with payment from the bride.

Michael jokes: “We always say to our clients: the photography is the only thing you’re left with other than your spouse after the wedding.”

Michael takes you through his pre-wedding prep list, starting from the time of booking up to the wedding day. He covers:

  • Essential gear to bring with you (from lighting to granola bars)
  • Venue scouting: what to look for when researching online and during the site visit
  • The Pre-Wedding Questionnaire: what to ask the couple before and on the big day
  • Customer service: little things that can help put you and your clients at ease


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