Happy Hour: Discovering a Kertesz Print In Your Basement & High Speed Milk Pin-Ups

Happy Hour: Discovering a Kertesz Print In Your Basement & High Speed Milk Pin-Ups

This week we can truly deliver some great news, including a series that explores happiness, how one photographer found a $30,000 Andre Kertesz print in his parent’s basement, and pin-ups in high speed milk. Enjoy!

French Government Confirms Missing Photojournalist Still Alive

Earlier this summer, the 23-year-old French photojournalist Edouard Elias disappeared in Syria while on assignment with writer Didier François. The two were working for the French radio station Europe 1 and traveling to Aleppo in Syria when they were kidnapped by four armed militants at a checkpoint on June 7th.

This week, French foreign affairs minister Laurent Fabius made the announcement: “I can confirm that they are alive,” to Europe 1 on October 6th. Families have also been notified. (via BJP)

Photo of Edouardelias by Haytham Pictures

Photo of Edouard Elias courtesy of Haytham Pictures

Pin-Up Girls Dressed in High Speed Milk

Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz has a track record for pushing the boundaries of high speed photography – and his newest project continues to do just that. Jaroslav wanted to reflect on classic pin-up nostalgia, but reinvent it with a technique that could only be done today: the models dressed in high speed photographs of milk. The images created are the labor of layering splashes from hundreds of individual photographs of real milk being spilled across real women. Read more about his technique at DIY Photography.

Photos by

Photos by Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz

Photographs of Atlanta’s 1050 Ponce

Photographer Scott Lowden has lived near 1050 Ponce De Leon Place since 1992, a housing subsidiary in Atlanta, GA that was an outcome of the Housing Act of 1937. “I’ve seen many characters come and go from that building. I’ve also met some amazing people. One of the more surprising things I’ve noticed over the years is that many in this community are always smiling,” he writes.

So Scott decided to explore the simple question “Why do these people smile?” His project began as a way for him to get to know more inhabitants of 1050, and understand why their happiness was so visible despite the hardships they’ve gone through. With his camera, he captured a bubbling spirit that inspired him to create an entire series capturing the happiness that exists within this community. (via RepGirl)

Photo by Scott Lowden

Photo by Scott Lowden

Nat Geo Celebrates Female Photojournalists

For the next five months, the National Geographic Museum in Washington, DC will celebrate and pay tribute to 11 women in its “Women of Vision: National Geographic Photographers on Assignment” exhibition. Curated by Nat Geo’s own Senior Photo Editor Elizabeth Krist, this exhibition pays homage to the spirit and ambition of the women who have shown viewers the world through thoughtful and strategic use of their camera.


Women of Vision’s homepage

Discovering a $30,000 Kertesz Photo In Your Basement

That’s what happened to Santa Fe based photographer Will Van Beckum when he helped his dad and step-mom move out of their New England home earlier this year. The Andre Kertesz signed print was almost thrown out to the dumpster, but Will’s dad thought twice and handed it over. Upon some research Will discovered the print, which had been laying in the basement for years, was  Kertesz’s peice “Washington Square Park, 1954.”

He contacted the Bruce Silverstein Gallery, which has worked closely with the Kertesz estates, and learned that this print was not just any old photo – but an authentic 1950’s print edition. One that was meant to be sent out to a magazine publication, but for some reason, never was. Read more about Will’s story and what the family decided to do with the photograph on Peta Pixel.


“Washington Square Park, 1954” by Andre Kertesz

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