Video: Aerial Photography with Drones – Lessons from Eric Cheng

Video: Aerial Photography with Drones – Lessons from Eric Cheng

Photo by Julian Cohen

Photo by Julian Cohen

Today, aerial photography and videography are becoming more accessible to enthusiasts and  hard core hobbyists through the use of drones and GoPro cameras. This week we spoke with Eric Cheng on the topic, who has been practicing this craft for a little over three years.

A master at under water photography, Eric wanted to document more of the world from above ground, and began by honing his flying abilities with small toy copters in his own living room. Now Eric is creating viral videos of his aerial work, such as one of his more recent pieces: Santa Cruz Surfers.

In this webinar, Eric goes in depth about the gear involved, including what equipment can be bought with a low, medium, or high budget. He also addresses FAA regulations to watch out for, how to deal with wind and camera shake in post editing, and the key to mastering this form of photography.

Check out, where Eric Cheng documents his aerial photography pursuits, and where you can view his underwater work.

Watch the video:

What’s in Eric Cheng’s Kit

  • The basics: The DJI Phantom Quadcopter & GoPro Hero3 Black Edition


  • More advanced gear: Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera & Lilliput  7″ IPS Screen by Viviteq INC


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  7. Fervil at 9:53 pm

    Good day Sarah! Thank you for this post! this helped me a lot. It’s true that aerial photography with drones nowadays are made easy and more accessible, i’m also amazed by the video created by Eric Cheng which is the Santa Cruz Surfers, the aerial video was really amazing. Drones (UAVs) really helped us to create a astounding aerial photography and video. Cheers to this blog! God bless.

    Fervil – Precision Hawk

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    He estado googleando un poco por artículos de alta calidad o entradas en webs sobre estos contenidos. Explorando en Google por fin encontré este blog. Con lectura de esta información, estoy convencido que he encontrado lo que estaba buscando o al menos tengo esa extraña sensacion, he descubierto exactamente lo que necesitaba. ¡Por supuesto voy hacer que no se olvide este sitio web y recomendarlo, os pienso visitar regularmente.


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