Happy Hour: The New Nikon Df, Cindy Sherman, and FAA Regulations

Happy Hour: The New Nikon Df, Cindy Sherman, and FAA Regulations

Cindy Sherman Declared 1 of the 6 Greatest Living Artists

Photo by Cindy Sherman courtesy of

Photo by Cindy Sherman courtesy of the artist and Metro Pictures

For their December issue, Vanity Fair decided to tackle the difficult question: who are the greatest living artists of our time? The survey, taken by 54 artists, curators, and professors yielded interesting and conflicting results. With a total of 140 different artists nominated by the surveyors, ten of the 54 voters did not name a single one of the top six winning artists, and ten more named only one of the top six. Nominees we’re analyzed by Mark Stevens, the Pulitzer Prize–winning co-author (with his wife, Annalyn Swan) of De Kooning: An American Master. Results are below – and we’re rejoicing that Cindy made the cut. (via Vanity Fair

Gerhard Richter: 24 votes
Jasper Johns: 20 votes
Richard Serra: 19 votes
Bruce Nauman: 17 votes
Cindy Sherman: 12 votes
Ellsworth Kelly: 10 votes

Nikon Df Previews Roll-In


This week if you didn’t see a preview of Nikon’s new, vintage styled DSLR, the Df – then well, you probably weren’t on the internet. Photographers and gear reviewers everywhere were putting in their two cents, some with a very critical angle. Nikon’s attempt at bringing back “Pure Photography,” releasing teaser videos that were made to speak to photographer’s creative brain, was quickly thwarted by skeptics such as FroKnowsPhoto who nicknamed the camera “the Nikon Hipster-matic” What do you think? Would you pay a cool $2,000 for the Df?

Here’s a few reviews:

Fstoppers: The Nikon DF Represents Everything Wrong With Photography and also their Response on the Nikon Df Distaste, and Thoughts to Consider

PhotoShelter: The Camera of the Future Isn’t From the Past

DP Review: Nikon Df First Impressions Review: Is this retro done right?

The FAA Now Allowing Use of Camera at Take Off


Admit it, you book the window seat so you can take an iPhone pic and Instagram it right after your flight. Well now you can openly snap away (let’s be honest you were doing it anyway) during takeoff right out the window. The FAA has lifted the ban on electronics during plane take off  and all phases of the flight. (via PopPhoto)

LensProToGo Used Gear Sale Happening Nov. 13th


Our partner and one of our favorite rental houses LensProToGo is having their biggest day of the year next week: The Annual LensProToGo Used Gear Sale. This year it is scheduled for Wednesday, November 13 2013 starting at 12:00PM ET, all the photographers in the office have marked their calendars, and so should you.

So, why is this such a big deal? LensProToGo takes days and look through all of our gear and pull HUNDREDS of pieces to sell. This gear has been with us for only about 12 to 18 months, sometimes even shorter. We do this sale every year to sell the used gear and restock with new gear so the gear you rent never looks old or acts like it’s been used a hundred times. (Find out more at LensProToGo’s blog)

PhotoShelter Consultant Revamps Charlie Mahoney’s Website

Certified PhotoShelter consultant David Brabyn, who’s been a member since 2006, recently completely redesigned photojournalist Charlie Mahoney’s website – with a seamless PhotoShelter integration of course. Mahoney, a Prime Collective photographer who’s also been a PhotoShelter member for years, has a large collection of work to present. While finding a way to visually organize it, he called on David’s skills.  “The main goal of the rebuild was to make the site responsive so that it works on the full range of screen sizes. I also took the opportunity to modernize the design and make a few tweaks,” says David. See the before and after pictures below.





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