New Guide: The Photographer’s Guide to Photo Contests

New Guide: The Photographer’s Guide to Photo Contests


Our latest guide explores a tradition you’ve most likely taken part of at some point: the photo contest. You’ve paid the fees, either lost or won, and in the end – what did it amount to? Was it worth it? This is explored in our newest The Photographer’s Guide to Photo Contests. With over hundreds of the photo contest to be a part of, what’s the best plan of attack for figuring out the right one to enter? What actions can you take to improve your chances of winning?

Use this guide to learn the ins and outs of 25+ photo competitions worldwide, including insights on which are worth your while, and which to skip. We award each a grade, A-F, based on factors like entry fee, prizes and promised exposure, plus provide feedback from past winners who help steer you in the right direction.

Discover the pros and cons of each competition, including the:

  • Red Bull Illume Image Quest
  • World Press Photo Contest
  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year
  • International Photography Awards
  • Communication Arts Photography Competition
  • Aperture Portfolio Prize
  • And more!

Download the guide today!


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  2. Amaury at 10:25 am

    Great review! I ll agree with you, and I have entered a bunch of them too… I am a co-founder of the Life Framer Award and curated exhibition ( , and feel like it might be of interest for you and everyone else.

    The concept is completely crowd sourced – both the content and the funding to run an exhibition at the end in a London gallery (theprintspace) We wanted to independently set up a nice way to unearth talent, with a focus on exposure and honest photography. We hope it’s a little different from the myriad of other awards that are out there, and is of real value to photographers.

    Feel free to contact me I am happy to take you through the concept a little further and always keen to chat about photography in general!


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