Product Update: Our Newly Improved Cart & Crop Tool For Selling Prints

Product Update: Our Newly Improved Cart & Crop Tool For Selling Prints

This week we’re happy to announce new usability improvements to the PhotoShelter shopping cart and image crop tool, implemented to ensure your buyers experience a checkout that’s as friction-free as possible.

When you set up to sell prints directly from your PhotoShelter account using one of our automated print fulfillment vendors, you have the ability choose whether buyers can crop images to fit their specific needs. When activated, your clients can select the image crop at the time of checkout in order to get the exact print they want.

Before these enhancements, cropping may have resulted in prints that were less than satisfactory. When the size of the print selected and the aspect ratio of the image do not match exactly, it can result in either white borders on the print, or a very tight crop, sometimes cutting out important aspects of the image. It is up to the buyer to make sure the crop is set to their liking, but previously the option to choose a desired crop was too often missed. Now when buyers are purchasing prints from your PhotoShelter website, they’ll find an improved, redesigned shopping cart with larger crop previews, more prominent crop buttons, and a manual crop tool that’s easier to use than ever before.

The Manual Mode in the new Crop Tool

The Crop Tool in the Shopping Cart

What’s New:

  • A redesigned shopping cart, ensuring the crop options are as visible as possible
  • Improved, easy to read crop previews
  • Warning Flags added to alert buyers of problematic or unsatisfactory crops they may want to adjust
  • More iPad friendly than before
Crop Tool

Crop Tool

We’ve also added the ability to rotate the crop orientation from landscape to portrait with the click of button. And, we added a metric to measure your cropped prints in centimeters.

Example of a Warning Flag for crop within the shopping cart

Example of a Warning Flag for crop within the shopping cart

This newly redesigned, more user-friendly crop tool will make both you and your clients happier, just in time for the holidays. To learn more about selling prints and products through your PhotoShelter site, check out our Support Pages and our Holiday Sales Tips.


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  1. Sarah at 11:00 am

    Does this work when you select self-fulfillment? Also, may I recommend adding a “gift card” feature to the selling portion of the site??!! That would be great! Thanks, guys!

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