The Best-Selling Prints and Products of 2013, and Trends for 2014

The Best-Selling Prints and Products of 2013, and Trends for 2014

With only a few weeks remaining in 2013, it’s time to start preparing for 2014. To help your photography business get a jump start on the new year, I asked Lacey Lewis, a Marketing Specialist for White House Custom Colour, one of PhotoShelter’s integrated print partners, about the best-selling items of 2013, and what’s trending for the upcoming year.

White House Custom Colour (WHCC) is a high-quality (and highly popular) maker of photographic prints and products. As an integrated print partner, many of WHCC’s products, including most of the products listed below, can be sold directly from a PhotoShelter website.

According to Lewis, there are some products in particular that sell like hot-cakes at the end of the year, but can also work year-round for savvy marketers.

Press Printed Cards
“These are always the most popular,” said Lewis. “They are an inexpensive item for photographers to sell to their clients, and by including their logo or website on any holiday card order, it’s also a very economical marketing idea. And with our variety of styles and shapes, photographers never run out of ways to make your client’s greeting stand out.”

Boutique Ornaments
“These have become a popular ‘thank you’ product since we launched them last year,” she said. “It’s been an easy and cute way for photographers to follow-up with a special gift that clients can hang on their tree.”

Accordion Mini Books
“Photographers have been including these as product add-on’s or as a thank you gift. In addition to being a great stocking stuffer, these have other fun and versatile uses,” said Lewis. Plus, Lewis adds, they make for special keepsakes for parents and grandparents to show off their loving newborn child or grandchild, or the entire family.

This time of year, Lewis sees photographers and studios create wallet sized Mini Books as a year-long pocket calendar by adding in each month and dates along with their favorite images.

“Recently, we have also started to see an extra special touch to a couple’s special day as photographers have started sending couples a ‘thank you’ Mini Book filled with images from their wedding day. A set of 3 is perfect to give one to the bride, one to the mother of the bride, and one to the mother of the groom. These items can hang on the fridge all year around, and are even small enough for women to carry in their purse or diaper bag.”

Cards and Boutique Cards
“Cards are always a popular item during the holiday season,” Lewis said. “But they have also grown in popularity to use for Senior announcements, baby announcements, and as studio marketing pieces.”

In addition to cards and keepsakes, wall display products of all kinds are a consistent best seller for WHCC. These high quality printed items are for best for displaying images of special memories, or stunning visuals, in a home or office:

Gallery Wraps
“This is a traditional item that never goes out of date,” Lewis said. “With its classy wrapped edge and availability in custom sizes, they create a timeless collage for families or newlyweds.

Metal Prints
“These are a very contemporary wall display product that have become popular among Seniors and urban households. They are simply a cool way to show off any vibrant image from a grungy Senior portrait, to a downtown family session, or of that remarkable landscape shot.”

“Standouts have been popular because they are that perfect middle-priced product to sell that best fits your clients style and home because they have come in your choice of Black, White, Stainless Steel, Light Wood or Bamboo edging options,” she said.

Photo Albums
Thanks to constantly evolving technology, albums have a nearly limitless array of options and offer a very impressive and creative way to present your work.

“They have become the next big thing! On top of our amazing quality and turnaround time, we offer Albums in variety of sizes and in several paper options,” said Lewis. “Recently launched, and among the most popular is our Premium Lustre paper that is similar to our competitors’ photographic albums.”

To learn more about selling WHCC products through a PhotoShelter website, visit our Support Pages on the topic.

Which items were popular with your customers in 2013? What will you try in 2014? Share in the comments below!

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