New Guide: The Photographer’s Guide to Facebook

New Guide: The Photographer’s Guide to Facebook


Are you using Facebook to get people excited about your photography? In The Photographer’s Guide to Facebook, we break down tactics to help you use this platform to attract, engage, and get referrals from your audience. Plus, you’ll get loads of examples of pages from photographers who have successfully used Facebook to market their own business — each doing things like simply posting regularly, asking interesting questions, showcasing compelling images and providing an excellent sense of their personality.

This guide is packed with must-do’s to help photographers engage an audience on Facebook, including tips to:

  • Showcase personality with a behind-the scenes look at recent shoots.
  • Share blogs, stories, and videos from outside sources that will interest their target audience.
  • Ask provoking questions to inspire conversation.
  • Offer giveaways and coupons to get people excited about their products and services.
  • Plus, share images that display their distinct style of photography.


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  1. Photographer at 12:22 pm

    Facebook is bad for photographers. It takes but never gives back. Photo management tools are ugly inconvenient and with time they only got worse. After years of using Facebook as photographer I just left it for good and never regretted this right decision. Please don’t make this mistake. Use it for any purposes but photography.

  2. some dude at 2:05 pm

    Facebook sucks for photography the photos come out horrible because they compress the hell out of them. If you want to lower the quality of your images use FB for photography.

  3. Tim Jimboberson at 4:25 pm

    I have to agree, I think the compression has actually gotten worse over the past year. I have almost entirely stopped posting photos for my business there since it misrepresents the actual quality I can bring. The other thing that is terrible is the Facebook TOS and proposed changes to the TOS that is a giant rights grab.

    Best thing to do, host your photos on your own site or photographer friendly site and then link to them from your social media profiles if need be.

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