Video: Mastering Lightroom Organization with Peter Krogh

Video: Mastering Lightroom Organization with Peter Krogh

In this webinar, Adobe Lightroom organizing master Peter Krogh will answer all your Lightroom questions and pleas of “Just tell me what to do!” when it comes to storing, organizing, and optimizing your workflow. A photographer for over 30 years and a background in helping create both Adobe’s and Microsoft’s digital photography ecosystem, Peter has a unique insight into how  photogs should manage their image libraries. In his newest book The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers, Peter goes in-depth into the “The Three Layers of Storage” which he covers here, plus more.

Tune in and learn from Peter:

  • How to approach image file storage in a simple and safe way
  • How to organize your photos with metadata tags, apply them to entire shoots, and when to use custom tags
  • Importance of location tags
  • Finding images quickly using filters
  • About the publishing service within Lightroom

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  1. R. Mullen at 2:14 pm

    Two things: 1) don’t create folders that mimic anything you can tag or filter against and 2) the Lightroom catalog is just a SQLLite file. You can (carefully) edit it using SQL and save a lot of headache.

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