Video: Tips and Strategies to Grow Your Online Audience

Video: Tips and Strategies to Grow Your Online Audience

In this webinar, PhotoShelter’s own Co-founder and Chairman, Allen Murabayashi offers up tips from the presentations he’s given at WPPI, PPE, The Palm Springs Photo Festival and numerous other conferences.  Listen in as he shares insights into how you can use smart marketing techniques to grow the online audience you want for your photo business. Learn how to make your prospective clients advocates of your brand, the beauty of testing, the importance of SEO, and much more.

He also dives into what successful photographers are currently doing via social channels to sell more prints, get clients, and foster an online fan base. This recorded version of the presentation is a not-to-miss hour, chocked full of useful business tips you can put into action, and get you goin’ in 2014.

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  1. Charles Waldorf at 10:25 am

    Thanks for putting this together. It’s eye opening, frustrating, and packed full of information. I say frustrating, only because it reminds me of one of my college photo classes, we learned about printing, printing with proof setups, calibrated monitors, calibrated printers, and the right inks for the right paper. It makes it really hard to just ship off a file to be printed, as it will be from now on to just uploaded a photo sans meta data, or tags, or does it go on Facebook, does it fit my footprint… Photographers always learning. Thank you.

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