Video: Growing an Online Audience – Develop a Killer Online Strategy

Video: Growing an Online Audience – Develop a Killer Online Strategy

Is social media still relevant? According to marketing guru Rosh Sillars, it definitely is – and while the platforms or apps might change, the ability to create conversation, or be a go-to resource on a particular subject will always benefit you and your photography business.

Listen in as Rosh covers the basics of Facebook and Twitter, along with his expert insights into how to utilize both to your benefit. Here, he reveals the number one secret to gaining momentum on social networks, how long campaigns should run, what type of content to post, and how to properly use hashtags. He also explains the “Social Solar System” and what should be at the center of your social universe (hint: it has to do with your website).

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  1. Harvey V. Chua at 1:00 am

    Thank you very much for this podcast. Rosh Sillars always shares a lot of wonderful insights about social media marketing. I like what he said that if we just wrote about photography, we would attract photographers. The lesson that I learned is that if I am interested to push our architectural photography service, we should post something that would be of interest to architectural clients. Same with our food photography, or industrial photography or any other service we do. Thank you to PhotoShelter for inviting him.

  2. Linda Ames at 6:15 pm

    I want to unsubscribe. You put video there for us to watch then told me I had to put my email in again which I did and then it would not play the videos. There is no unsubscribe button on this page that I can find. Please unsubscribe me now.

  3. A. T. Brett at 10:59 pm

    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the info – really found the social solar system analogy a useful way to understand the myriad social media channels. Also, the emphasis on trust development and association to the brand/name was enlightening and helped me understand why I like Photoshelter and sites like it so much!

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