Product Updates: Retina Logo Support with Beam Portfolio Sites and More

Product Updates: Retina Logo Support with Beam Portfolio Sites and More

With more and more potential clients viewing your website on a HiDPI/retina display enabled tablet, laptop or mobile device, having a sharp clear logo has become crucial to presenting a clean professional look. This week we’re excited to announce major improvements to the way our Beam websites handle logos and site navigation, including HiDPI/retina display logo support.


Retina logo display on an iPad – Lindsay Adler’s PhotoShelter site

HiDPI/Retina logo support

  • Logos now support high-resolution images for super-sharp display on HiDPI/Retina displays such as iPhones, iPads and mobile devices from most manufacturers including Samsung and LG.

More flexible logo sizes

  • Upload logo images up to 2,040 pixels in size, and they’ll be responsively re-sized to fit on the page regardless of the device or screen size your visitor is using.

Lindsay Adler’s PhotoShelter homepage on an iPhone with the collapsed nav on the top.

Responsive navigation menus

  • In Marquee and Promenade templates, if your logo and nav are too wide to fit together on a smaller screen (e.g. a mobile device), the nav will auto-collapse into a mobile-style nested menu.

Members: Already using an image logo for your site and want to take advantage of the new HiDPI support? Click here to find out what you need to do to enable it.

Any questions? Check out our changelog for a more granular breakdown or give us a shout directly:

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