Olivia Bee’s Teenage Photos – #ILovePhoto Chat – June 27, 2014

Olivia Bee’s Teenage Photos – #ILovePhoto Chat – June 27, 2014

This week Allen Murabayashi and I discuss a handful of wonderful photo series’ including the 20 year old Olivia Bee’s photos that are currently being shown at the agnès b Galerie Boutique. Her work brings up the question: as technology advances and the ability to take photographs becomes easier and more accessible, will there be a photographic prodigy child among the next generation? Watch below as we discuss and follow with the links provided or subscribe to our iTunes podcast!


1:48 Clint Davis’ Awesome Photographer Promo
5:18 Casey Templeton’s 2010 Photographer Promo
7:17 CYJO’s Stunning Portraits of Mixed-Race Families
10:12 Martin Schoeller’s Mixed Race Portraits
11:45 Glenna Gordon’s Remaining Items from the Kidnapped Nigerian Girls
14:14 Olivia Bee’s Personal Images of Her Teenage Years
19:27 Milton H. Greene’s Found Photos of Marilyn Monroe
21:58 New York Banning Tiger Selfies
24:10 Nikon Introduces the D810
27:18 Niki Feijen’s Images of Abandoned Places
29:00 Micael Reynaud’s Mezmerizing Animated GIFs
30:35 Sandro Giordoan’s Worn Out Characters


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