Video: The All New Buy Button for All Templates

Video: The All New Buy Button for All Templates

We’re happy to announce the addition of Buy/License buttons are now available on all our portfolio templates: Element, Sonnet, Marquee, Shuffle and Promenade. This new option allows your clients to buy images straight off your portfolio website with ease.


Viewers and potential buyers will find the Buy button (a cart icon) beneath any images in featured galleries that are for sale. The icon not only indicates the image is for sale, but clicking on it will allow your potential buyers to see all purchase options via a new pop-up menu, plus they’ll be able to add items to their cart and check out seamlessly — all right from within the same viewing experience.


Check out the video below to learn all about the new Buy button, including how to turn it off if you for any reason don’t want it showing on your portfolio site:

Along with the new Buy button you’ll also find a slightly re-designed social sharing menu within the Element, Sonnet and Marquee templates. This new design matches the look and feel of the menu your clients will see when engaging the cart icon for a more consistent user experience.

Members, if you have any questions about this new great addition, please feel free to contact us at!

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  1. Diana Ost at 12:49 pm

    For the licensing option, does the license text actually display somewhere when the buyer chooses that option? And is there an acknowledgement that they have to indicate that they have read and agree to? (I couldn’t tell from the video.)

    Can we set up a Creative Commons license for photos using the Buy button too? And set the amount to $0? Is that possible? I am asking because currently my CC licensed photos are all on Flickr because it’s much easier to set up the CC license there.

    I’d prefer to have all my photographs on Photoshelter, which I could do if I can CC license as well as doing the rights managed licensing.

    Thanks much! This is a feature that would make me want to upgrade to Beam.

  2. Sarah Jacobs at 1:26 pm

    Hi Elinor, if your PhotoShelter site is set up properly for sales and a pricing profile is applied to the image the new buy button should automatically appear (you can always turn it off within the Site Builder if you don’t want it to show). Make sure you’re set up for sales and the pricing profile is applied to the image – then check back on your portfolio. Please write into with any questions you may have regarding sales.

  3. Matt Cashore at 6:03 pm

    In almost every one of my e-commerce transactions since experimenting with a Beam site, I have to have multiple emails with customers, sending them screen shots with arrows to to the “add to cart” button. An indistinct, tiny icon amongst a row of tiny icons does not make that clearer. Inelegant as it may be, I’d like the option of a big green “BUY” or “PURCHASE” button, much like the big blue “POST” button right below this very window I’m typing in now.

    • Diana at 11:19 pm

      It’s now 2015 and the Buy button is still 1/16th of an inch if not smaller. My customers can’t find it either!

      I came back to Photoshelter because I was losing sales, and now, after spending days setting up my account and getting things priced and ready to sell, my customers can’t find the tiny, pale grey shopping cart button.

      Please fix this!
      Diana Ost

  4. Tom Parkes at 5:17 am

    I’d like to see videos of any significant additions to Beam, it’s a far better way of visualising progress than reading about it for those of us who can’t experiment on our live sites.

    Secondly, could the resolution of the video be increased? I was viewing full screen in order to see the icons and found it difficult to follow at times?

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