New Slideshow Display for 4 Templates

New Slideshow Display for 4 Templates

Site customization is paramount to your brand and online presentation, and this month we’ve added another key component of customization to four of our Beam templates, Element, Marquee, Promenade and Shuffle. The new HTML5 slideshow feature allows your site visitors to view your gallery’s images with ease no matter what device they may be on. You can choose for it to play automatically, or be manually controlled by the viewer.

Within your slideshow you can also choose to enable the IPTC Headline, Description, or filename information along with your images, creating a richer experience for the viewer that tells the full story. You’ll also find viewing single images in Element on a mobile device has been greatly improved. We’ve upgraded swipe support to ensure the quickest and simplest image browsing experience possible.

An image in the Element Template displayed on a mobile device

An image in the Element Template displayed on a mobile device

When you click on a thumbnail from any of your featured portfolios, you’ll see a new “play” button in the navigation beneath the enlarged version of your image. There are two ways in which you may consider using the slideshow:

1) Require your site visitors to click the play button beneath the image in order to view the slideshow. This is the default option, which means if you choose to do nothing, this is how it will work on your site.

2) Set the slideshow to auto-play when your visitors click to view a single portfolio image.

You can also choose to remove the slideshow’s play button all together – the customization’s up to you. Members, read more about the change in our forum post, here.

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  1. Carl at 4:13 am

    What I want to know is how he has added those little social media icons on the bottom left. Is this a new feature?

  2. George Wedding at 2:39 pm

    Me too on the Beam support. Beam development seems very slow and I’ve been disappointed. I still haven’t taken my site live because there are so many template limitations that site development became a frustrating exercise early on and I gave up. Now, you essentially tell us it is taking a back seat to support for old-school, Flash software that is all but obsolete. As a new customer, it seems to me you’re splitting your resources with Flash, a dead-end technology. Does Photoshelter have a plan and a timetable to migrate the company and customers off Flash entirely and toward the HTML5/CSS future?

  3. Pierre-Yves at 4:48 am

    Hi Sarah,
    From your response to Arthur May 20, 2014, I expect this possibility with great impatience. Summer is here and now I need a solution to present slideshows of reportages to my customers in addition to my HD archives. A specific date please, please! To further save time, what better presentation format to prepare (ie on Lightroom) for each view by the arrival of the slideshow as Marquee. A tutorial?
    Thanks in advance from France. Hope to read from you all in French one day…

  4. Pierre-Yves at 1:09 pm

    Hi everybody,
    Update available July 8, 2014! BEAM template Marquee now with slideshow solution. Great work! Thanks!!
    Different improvements to tell you about Marquee. Get in touch by email if interested…!

  5. JJ at 2:02 pm

    Oh well I am glad to see my SHUFFLE homepage got about 50 thousand times faster, i.e. it now loads properly. That’s important!

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