Interview with St. Louis Photog David Carson – #ILovePhoto Ep 28

Interview with St. Louis Photog David Carson – #ILovePhoto Ep 28

On this special edition of I Love Photography, Allen Murabayashi and I interview St. Louis Post-Dispatch photographer David Carson, who documented some of the first incidents happening in Ferguson, MO on August 9th. Listen in for his detailed account of the QuikTrip looting and his interactions with both the people of Ferguson and the police. We also discuss Jen Davis’ thoughtful self portraits, Martin Schoeller’s most recent shoot and changing style, as well as Kim Kardashian’s new book Selfish. You can tune in below and follow along with links, or subscribe to the I Love Photography podcast, here.


Interview with David Carson (follow him and his updates on Twitter at @PDPJ)


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