Who Owns a Monkey Selfie & Special Guest Stuart Palley – #ILovePhoto Ep 27

Who Owns a Monkey Selfie & Special Guest Stuart Palley – #ILovePhoto Ep 27

This week Allen Murabayashi and I have a special guest, LA-based photographer Stuart Palley to talk about his beautiful photos of wildfires at night. But wait, there’s more! Including much ado about monkey selfies and the legality around copyright ownership when non-humans are involved. As always, tweet your comments, questions or suggestions! #ilovephoto Get the podcast: http://bit.ly/ilovephoto Watch the broadcast: http://bit.ly/ilovephotoyt

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  1. Garry Clarkson at 7:10 am

    IP law isn’t hard to understand. Most photographers get it. The people who don’t are usually big companies or ‘trust fund kids’ who don’t want to pay. The photographer is the author. If this wasn’t the case Gregory Crewdson (don’t press the button); Muybridge (automatic trigger); Luc Delahay (tramps in a Photo Booth, he just put the coin in); Robert Capa (camera simply grabbed the photo accidentally – apparently). I’ve seen my photos on Wiki under an assumed ‘creative commons’ licence. Imagine asking a plumber to mend your tap and not paying him as its a machine that tightens the nut?

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