The Pyrrhic Victory of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” in Photos

The Pyrrhic Victory of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” in Photos

In August, Scott Olson’s photo of a defiant, kneeling man, captured the all the complexity and emotion of the tragedy in Ferguson. TIME featured a vertical crop on their cover.


Artist Eric Drooker credited Olson as the inspiration for an oil painting used as a New Yorker cover in the same week.


This week in Ferguson, MO, a grand jury decided against indicting Officer Darren Wilson. A wave of protests ensued, and Getty photographer Justin Sullivan captured this incredible silhouette of a man with his hands up rimmed by the light of cop cars.


As protests turned to rioting and destruction of property, St. Louis-based Whitney Curtis captured a gesture of defiance and victory against a burning backdrop.


Between the vitriol and tragedy of Ferguson, one thing is clear: the photography from this seminal moment in American history have been some of the best reportage of the new millenium.




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      Yes it is one sided,…but this is not a journalism site. This is a photography site. The politics and all of that stuff arent here. You need to go yell at CNN

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