New Guide: The Photographer’s Outlook on 2015

New Guide: The Photographer’s Outlook on 2015

In our third annual survey, hear from nearly 7,500 professional photographers and enthusiasts who share their top photo business goals for 2015. From plans to invest money, market their work and find inspiration, plus challenges they anticipate, get the full lowdown in The Photographer’s Outlook on 2015. 

Inside, learn how photographers will focus their photo careers this year, including answers to questions like:

  • Which social network will photographers use most to market their work?
  • Which business topics will they hone in on most?
  • What’s the biggest challenge they anticipate?
  • Which blogs and resources will they turn to for tips and industry news?
  • Will they increase their prices this year?
  • Do they expect to make most of their revenue from new or old clients?

Download the guide today!


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