New PhotoShelter Admin Area Member Homepage

New PhotoShelter Admin Area Member Homepage

Today we unveil a new PhotoShelter Admin Area “Member Homepage” that will provide you with an at-your-fingertips view into your website analytics, account stats, general PhotoShelter resources and more. Now, without ever having to leave PhotoShelter, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently gain insight into how well your site is working for visitors, and also how well those marketing efforts are working for you.



Here’s what you’ll see:

  • Website statistics (provided by Google Analytics): Information about your website’s activity, such as unique visits, traffic sources, locations and more.
  • Account information: As always, we will display the amount of storage you’re currently using, the total number of images in your account, how many of those images are marked as publicly searchable and/or priced for sale, and your current subscription plan. You’ll also see your most recently modified galleries in the left-hand panel under “Recent work.”
  • Sales: If applicable, we will alert you of any pending sales, your sales conversion rate, and the status of your most recent sale. Note: You’ll only see this card if you have made at least one sale through your PhotoShelter website.
  • PhotoShelter resources: The “Resources” section of the Member Homepage can now be accessed via the left-hand panel, and will always supply quick links to PhotoShelter news and announcements. Now, when we have new news for this section, we’ll include a notification in the panel to let you know. Newly added resource cards will also display an orange triangle in the upper right corner.

The best part? You don’t need to do anything to see all this great information. That also means you don’t have to have a Google Analytics account in order for your stats to display here. Our own algorithms will pull in the information for you automatically. However, you may sign up for or continue to maintain a Google Analytics account of your own to learn even more about the activity on your website. Full GA integration instructions for your PhotoShelter account can be found here.

A few visuals:

Unique Visits card. Includes data on website sessions.

Unique Visits card. Includes data on website sessions.

Traffic Sources card. Includes data on how visitors access your site.

Traffic Sources card. Includes data on how visitors access your site.

Locations card. Includes data on where your visitors are located geographically.

Locations card. Includes data on where your visitors are located geographically.

Resources section.

Resources section.

To learn more about the new Member Homepage, including specific details on each of the GA stats displayed, visit our Support Center.


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  1. Rachel Reiss Author at 8:54 am

    Michael – Yep, these stats will absolutely work with Beam! So you can feel free to switch back over when you’re ready. Give us a shout with any questions:

    John – We’re so glad! More to come soon.


  2. Sharon at 4:30 pm

    Ok – probably a dumb question, but does this take into account our own visit when not logged in? As I type this I am thinking the answer is yes, but I’ll ask anyway. Great new service, BTW. Thank you!

    • Rachel Reiss Author at 4:54 pm

      Hi Sharon,

      Not dumb at all! The answer is indeed yes, if you visit your site while NOT logged into your PhotoShelter account, those visits will be tracked. I do believe there may be ways you can prevent Google Analytics from showing those stats if you’ve integrated your own personal GA account with PhotoShelter, so that may be worth looking into if you don’t want your own visits to appear.

      Our team can help if you need anything else:


      • Michael at 7:30 pm

        OK its been a while. Still see no difference in statistics. I did switch back to BEAM in a day or 2 after the original post. I have gone to my site from other computers. just not seeing any movement at all

  3. Maja Moritz at 5:01 am

    Great feature! Thank you!

    Just wondering what the difference between Total Visits and Unique Visits is?

    Is it only possible to view the past 4 weeks? It would be very interesting to be able to browse through the calendar and view changes and development in visits!

    Am missing a feature in these statistics to show which images, themes, folders attracted the views.

  4. louie rochon at 8:29 pm

    Excellent Job – saves a lot of time toggling back and forth to Google analytics.

    You guys just keep getting better! Do have a number of e.commerce suggestions/check out suggestions if you’re interested. Made a decision to outsource printing recently because of consistent client frustration with confusion over ordering process / can’t locate cart, etc.

    In general, love portfolio aspect and service – no one in the industry is better – believe me, I’ve shopped – and tried!


      • Rachel Reiss Author at 10:37 am

        Hi Sophie!

        I think I see why this is happening, but I’ve asked a member of our Client Services team to diagnose more closely and get back to you directly with the details. You should be hearing from them shortly!


  5. Sharon at 2:16 pm

    Rachel – I wanted to come back to my question, because when I go into Google Analytics and click Realtime, it shows my activity on there, which means that even if I am logged into PhotoShelter, my visits seem to be counting, and, thus, stacking the “activity count” on my site. Whether I am in the site builder area or if I click “my website” in the upper right part of the nav bar, my activity is showing up. Can you check into this?

    Thank you!

    • Rachel Reiss Author at 3:42 pm

      Hey Sharon,

      I’ve asked a member of our Client Services team to get back to you on this, so you should be hearing from someone soon.


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