Webinar: Copyright & Your Rights – Straight Talk on the Facts vs. the Fiction

Webinar: Copyright & Your Rights – Straight Talk on the Facts vs. the Fiction

Photographer Jack Reznicki and IP attorney Ed Greenberg have been favorites in the industry for their no-bull, get-straight-to-the-facts approach to explaining and making sense of the confusing world of legal jargon and copyright technicalities. Together they’ve written the Photographer’s Survival Manual, and their newest release, the second edition of The Copyright Zone, is an essential for every working photographer. Through real world case studies, personal asides, and their clear, plain English speaking style, they’ve gained a following of photographers who have benefited from their sound advice over the years.

In this webinar, PhotoShelter’s co-founder Allen Murabayashi will chat with Jack and Ed to debunk many of the myths about copyright that have spread among the creative community throughout the years. They’ll present the facts, plain and simple. Tune in to get easy-to-digest advice on what you need to know to survive and thrive as a photographer in today’s digital world.

This free 1 hr webinar will cover:

  • What is copyright and why do you care?
  • Why registration is not just important, but critical
  • What to do and not to do when you’re infringed
  • Copyright Myths and Facts
  • Poor excuses we hear from infringers and their lawyers
  • Head fakes – What excuses lawyers use when their clients infringe
  • Things to consider when hiring a lawyer

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  1. Mi'chelle Barnes at 1:32 pm

    I have a question please. One of my copyrighted images was scanned from a postcard and posted to an on-line site who improperly gave photo attribution to someone else. The image was on-line for 12 years before I became aware of it. During the interim, another company copied and pasted my image (which was published world-wide) and began using it on their letterhead, fundraising materials, soliciting corporate sponsorships etc. I gave the second company a bill and they did not pay so I sued them in Federal Court. I have since sent the first company a bill also. They retained an attorney who asserts they owe nothing and claim “fair use.” The back of my postcard clearly stated my copyright and also said, “All Rights Reserved,” when I published it. Would you explain “fair use,” and how they can possibly assert they believe they have a right to use it ? Thank you!!!

    • Edward C. Greenberg at 9:53 am

      Based only on your post, I don’t see a “fair use” argument.

      I can’t possibly explain the concept and nuances of the concept of “fair use” within the confines of a post. It is discussed in detail in our book “The Copyright Zone” (Focal Press) Amazon, B&N etc. and in several of our posts at thecopyrightzone.com. We cover it in ever lecture and most of our webinars.

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