Unveiling New Lattice Features That Will Drive More Traffic

Unveiling New Lattice Features That Will Drive More Traffic

Have you checked out Lattice yet? Lattice is our new image discovery platform to help get your work in front of new audiences. Join the community by curating boards – collections of PhotoShelter images around a specific topic or theme – to tell your own stories.

The boards we’re seeing on Lattice so far are looking fantastic, everything from African Elephants, to Lisbon, to Lightning Photography. They really all do an awesome job featuring beautiful photography from across the PhotoShelter community. We’re truly wowed.

We’ve been hard at work to enhance the curator experience and drive even more traffic to your Lattice boards. Check out the following features when you create your next board (and note that the images you add to your boards will now appear with a watermark):

  • Like Button: Let’s celebrate great photography! The new “like” button for boards and images allows people to show their appreciation for your curation. See who has liked your work, then share your boards to drive more traffic.

  • Most Popular Boards: Boards that earn the most likes will now be showcased front and center in the Most Popular section of our brand-new homepage. That means the more likes you have, the more exposure we give you.

  • Recently Updated Page: When you add new images to a board you’ve already made, we’ll feature you on our Recently Updated page. That means the more you engage with your boards, the more visibility you’ll get.

  • New User Profile: Check out your updated user profile to review your most popular boards, as well as a history of everything you’ve liked. Just click on the “My Profile” link (under the “Hi!” menu in the Lattice header).

  • Notifications: We’re updating you every day on everything from new board likes to images added to your streams. So be sure to check your email to see all the new activity! Opted out of communications? Rejoin here.

  • Social Sharing: We’ve redesigned our social sharing menu to make it easier for you and all viewers to get Lattice boards out into the world. Tweet or post your board to Facebook, and share good photography with your community. (And bask in some new likes in the process!)

Create Your Next Board

We love feedback, so as you curate new boards, please send any suggestions directly to deborah@photoshelter.com.

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