New Member Shout Outs: April’s #MakeClientsHappy Edition

New Member Shout Outs: April’s #MakeClientsHappy Edition

This month we’ve been raving all about how to #MakeClientsHappy on our blog, Twitter, and more, to celebrate the announcement of our new client proofing tool. So for this edition of New Member Shout Outs, we decided to ask what these PhotoShelter newbies do to make sure they’re helping their clients along at every step. See below how they’re using PhotoShelter to show off their new work and make their clients smile.

Expanse Photography

Expanse Photography's Element homepage

Expanse Photography’s Element homepage

  • Name/Site: Expanse Photography
  • PhotoShelter template: Element
  • Member since: March 11, 2015
  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Specialty and background: Mark Eden of Expanse Photography has been shooting for around 15 years, but licensing images and selling prints for the last five. He’s a self-taught photographer with experience in the darkroom, and has worked with businesses around the Melbourne area, his most well known client being the Metro Train system.
  • Advice to #MakeClientsHappy: Mark suggests being “open, honest and genuine with people. They appreciate that. Take an interest in clients and potential clients beyond someone who might buy your product and concentrate on forming a relationship instead of making sales. Also, listen. As simple as that sounds, clients aren’t always sure exactly what they are looking for so listen carefully and make sure to ask as many questions as necessary to understand what it is they need.”

Michael Bagley Photography

Michael Bagley's Shuffle homepage

Michael Bagley’s Shuffle homepage

  • Name/Site: Michael Bagley
  • PhotoShelter template: Shuffle
  • Member since: April 13, 2015
  • Location: Norwalk, CT
  • Specialty and background: Michael has been a commercial photographer since 1999. At first focusing solely on pet photography – he has since branched out to other subjects, and shot for various newspaper and magazine publications. More recently, he’s been working with clients such as Dog Gone Smart Pet Products and Blue Ribbon Blankets. His photography education is made up from a mosaic of sources, including various workshops taught by Joe McNally, Tom Bol, and Allison Langley, and tutorials from Scott Kelby.
  • Advice to #MakeClientsHappy: When asked how he likes to make clients happy, Michael replied, “From a business standpoint I work very hard to be flexible and accommodate scheduling changes and challenges on set. I’m friendly, patient and kind no matter what circumstances arise. I also like to give my clients gifts to show how much I appreciate them – chocolate and framed pictures go a long way. It’s great fun to see the smiles that can bring.”

David N Anderson

David Anderson's East homepage

David N Anderson’s East homepage

  • Name/Site: David N Anderson
  • PhotoShelter template: East
  • Member since: April 8, 2015
  • Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Specialty and background: From small fashion labels to large international companies, David Anderson has shot it all. With a solid portfolio under his belt, and various clients on deck, David’s accomplished a lot in the past 6 years as a professional photographer. He now specializes in political portraits. “There’s a lot of managed identities in politics and capturing a portrait which isn’t stuffy and attempts to reveal a bit more about the subject can be challenging but incredibly rewarding,” he says.
  • Advice to #MakeClientsHappy: “Over provide,” says David. “Never assume that the bare minimum required from you is appropriate. I approach each shoot with enthusiasm and a unique eye. I also like to chat with the client as much as I can so they feel involved in the creative process. When I provide proofs to a client (which I’m loving through PhotoShelter now!) I make a point of talking through the shoot with the client at all stages.”

*Feature image by David N Anderson

Jörn Pilon Photography


  • Name/Site: Jörn Pilon Photography
  • PhotoShelter template: Downtown
  • Member since: March 11, 2015
  • Location: The Netherlands
  • Specialty and background: Jörn’s background is a formal education in biology at Utrecht University, but he’s been shooting since he was a teen – starting in the darkroom, and moving onto digital. He currently shoots for micro-stock agencies including Shutterstock, Istock-Getty Images and Alamy. His landscape work is inspired by Ansel Adams and Frans Lanting.
  • Advice to #MakeClientsHappy: “I always try to deliver images that are well designed, colorful and technically to perfection,” says Jörn. “I would rather go the extra mile instead of delivering shots that look uninspired.”

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